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This page shows the description of each role on the Wiki Team as well as who's available in each section, in case Wiki staff need to be contacted.


Admins are in charge of the entire Wiki. Any issues that the Moderators can't deal with are dealt with by them. Admins have the final say.


Similar to Admins, Moderators are also responsible for the entire Wiki. Moderators work with their section Head Moderator and LoreProtectors to ensure their sections are up-to-date. They moderate the helpers to ensure correct procedures for inserting info for their section(s).

Head Moderators

Each section of the Wiki has a Head Moderator. They're in charge of their specified section(s) and are the ones to contact if there are any questions about their section. It is their job to make sure that these sections are maintained and edited correctly by other users. If a new suggestion arises involving their section, they will have the final say on the matter (unless heavily outvoted by other Moderators and Admins).

Note: At the moment Head Mod positions will remain empty until further notice.

Head of IRC: ZyrainZyrain

This Moderator is responsible for maintaining the Wiki's IRC channel, moderating the users on the channel and will award channel power where appropriate. They will ensure that the IRC channel is used correctly and to its full potential, acting as an Admin on the IRC channel. If an issue occurs on the channel with another user, this Moderator should be consulted.

Note: Zyrain is a moderator on the AQWwiki, and is helping to maintain the IRC channel.


LoreProtectors (previously called Helpers) are the basis of the Wiki team. They're experienced users who are passionate about helping out on the Wiki. They ensure their sections are up-to-date and help users out whenever needed.

Below is a list of Wiki team members that work on each section. They're also listed on each of their specified pages.


  • Wiki Moderators and Admins are able to help with any section if necessary, regardless of their main sections.
  • If you would like to make any changes to the sections you are currently assigned to, please PM PeachiiAEPeachiiAE or Zero IXZero IX.
  • "(Temporary)" can be seen next to a Head Moderator's name. It means that they are temporarily moderating the section as Head Moderator because nobody else has chosen to do so. Other Moderators/Admins may take over these sections as Head Moderator.


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