Wiki IRC Channel

For discussions, questions and suggestions on our IRC channel, please post here.

The HS Wiki Rules and Caelestia Network Rules apply whilst on the #HSWiki channel and Caelestia network.

To join the AQWorlds Wiki's IRC channel type: /join #AQWWiki
To join the OverSoul Wiki's IRC channel type: /join #OSWiki

The IRC channel has some great benefits, such as:

  • Allows group discussions for Wiki users and staff together.
  • A Q&A about HEROSmash, or the Wiki itself for regular or new Wiki users.
  • Organization and efficiency during release days.
  • A convenient and efficient way to talk, especially concerning smaller issues/questions/suggestions/information instead of using this forum.
  • Builds the Wiki community, allowing 'out of character' discussions, etc.

For those who don't know, IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat and is a server used by members of the Artix Entertainment community, including the game and forum staff.
For more information and guides, please see the Caelestia IRC Guide and the Using IRC guide.

Common IRC clients include mIRC, a downloadable client, and Mibbit, a web-based browser client.

The current power structure of the Wiki channel is as follows:
- Channel Owner = Founder (~) mode_owner.png
- Wiki Admins = Admin (&) mode_admin.png
- Wiki Moderators = Operator (@) mode_op.png
- Wiki LoreProtectors = Half-operator (%) mode_halfop.png
- Regular Wiki Users = Voice (+) mode_voice.png
* The only exceptions to this is Zyrain as the Channel Founder.

Feel free to PM ZyrainZyrain if you need any help.

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