Under the sea


«Scene: Nearby ocean in Super City»
«Scene: Hero was hit by a starfish»

Hero: What? Who was that? Show yourself!
Hero: Look, I don't know who you are, but you can't just go around throwing starfish at people's heads.

Malandra: My name is Malandria. I am the leader of the Aquatian Race. We live in the ocean, deep below your city.
Malandra: We are a proud race. We hold to our traditions and beliefs. Outsiders are strictly prohibited.
Malandra: However a week ago, something has happened to our waters that is beyond our control. We are forced to seek Outsiders for help.

Hero: What was so terrible that you would need our help?

Malandra: My people were sleeping last week when there was this great explosion…

«Scene: Night falls; a laser beam was shot into the sea»
«Scene fades»

Malandra: Our bravest warriors and scouts went out the next morning to investigate.
Malandra: When they came back they were infected with some sort of poison. They began to attack us.
Malandra: This level of infection and danger is too much for my race. We desperately need your help!

«Hero jumped into the water»

Malandra: Follow me to my Ancient Garden Ruins.

«Scene fades»

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