Ultimate Death


«Scene: Death's Realm»

«Death claps his hands.»

Super Death: Bravo. Bravo! You fought very well!

«Death wipes his eyes.»

Super Death: It brings a nonexistent tear to my eye to witness such great power.

«Scene: Death has his back to the camera. Player can be seen.»

«Player nods.»

Super Death: I am sure you are dying to hear my choice by now.

«Scene: Death is now in focus. He has a blue silhouette of a running Smasher in his hands.»

Super Death: Do I side with the Heroes for their bravery, valor, and speed?

«Camera pans to the right. Death has a red silhouette of a cackling Smasher in his hands.»

Super Death: Or is the strength and passion of the villains that has overpowered my decision?

«Player is in focus.»

Player: !

«Death is in focus.»

Super Death: I have made up my mind. My choice is…

«Camera zooms in to Death's face.»

Super Death: NEITHER!!

«Player looks at Death. Camera pans quickly to a vortex, which closes.»

Super Death: Just look at all I have done WITHOUT making such a foolish commitment!

Super Death: I have turned time, warped reality…


«Camera zooms to an indeterminate part of Death which grows spiky.»

Super Death: Do you understand what this means, mortal?

«Camera switches to focus on Death's hand, which grows claws.»

Super Death: I harness the supreme power, capable of altering the very fabric of existence…

«Camera switches to Death's face, now shrouded in shadow with his eyes blazing.»

Super Death: and I am going to show you its wonders first hand!

«Screen flashes as Death screeches like an eagle and his amulet shatters.»

«Scene: Player jumps back as Death smashes his scythe into the ground.»

Super Death: I challenge YOU to a duel to the end.

«Camera focuses on an over-charged Death.»

Super Death: Battle me and try to survive long enough to witness my supreme might!

Super Death: Muhahahahahahahaha

«Screen fade»

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