Traffic Jam


«Scene: A traffic jam just outside Pleasanton.»
«Change to the Player sitting in a car, while honking the car's horn.»

Player: Oh c'mon, let me merge! It's common courtesy!

«The Player turns the radio on.»

Radio: …reports are flooding in from all over the greater Pleasanton area.

Radio: Strange robotic minions have taken the city over. And new threats have been sighted in Pleasanton Oaks.

«The Player drinks coffee from a mug.»

Radio: The Pleasanton evacuation route is heavily congested. Authorities urge everyone to stay calm, drive safely, and remain indoors if at all possible.

<The Player continues drinking.»

«The radio displays an advertisement for an iOS and Android App called "George Lowe's Bites". The player is still drinking.»

Radio: In other news: Automotive-related coffee spills have nearly tripled since last month!

«The Player drinks, spills the coffee down their front, and fidgets.»


«The Player flies out of the car into the horizon.»

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