The Story


Intro raresmall.png
Save a citizen taken under hostage by Mr. Purple, when you first arrive in Super City.

Corporal Building
Dr. Insecro has been spotted in the area, do you have what it takes to foil his plans?

Main Story

Aurora Park
Will you help the evil Luigi Davinci or the brave Demolicious to obtain an extraordinary source of power - the Pandorian Malachite?

Franklin Street
Luigi DaVinci has sent his scavenger bots to tear up this apartment complex, the question is: Why?

Trials of Super Death

The First Trial of Super Death - do you have what it takes to battle a volcano in the middle of Super City?

Mall Invasion
The Second Trial of Super Death - a meteor infested by the likes of this world has never seen crashed into Super City's only mall!

Trader Town
The Third Trial of Super Death - far in the distant future, man has waged a war that have turned the earth into a wasteland.

The Fourth Trial of Super Death - the last trial takes you to Ingiru to discover a treasure from a long lost civilization. Think you can handle the monsters and traps?

Super Death has gone mad with power!

The Clock Blocker

Time Sentinels have appeared out of the sky and are causing havok among the civilians of Pleasanton.

Pleasanton Oaks
Civilians are in a panic as Space Sentinels invade their homes.

Future Pleasanton
In the year 2511, the Oblivion have conquered the world.

Miscellaneous Storylines

Aquatia Ruins membersmall.png
The people of Aquatia have called for assistance. Will you help, or simply be a nuisance?

A massive, foreign threat is invading Super City, starting with the science and technology building of Yercom Industries.

Market Street
Assist Dean or Ratchyt in getting the Movie Plex theater up and running.

Seasonal Events

Squash some pumpkins, or defeat the Wild Wolfman - in 3 difficulties!

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