The Barter Bar

What a day! It's so hot standing in the middle of Tradertown it feels like your burning, man!

So whataya want? Gas? Food? Ammunition? We don't just hand that stuff out. You're gonna have to have something good to barter with.

Wait a second? You want to pay with fame? You think you can stroll in here and just take stuff because you are famous? I've never heard of you… and even if I had, I wouldn't just hand over my stuff. You must be crazy.

Come back when you have something useful, like gum.

Butyle Rubber! From tire inner tubes to gasoline treatment we need it, besides butylated hydroxytoluene makes sure the isobutylene lasts… whatever, I'm not givin' u a chemistry lesson.

Seriously, what century are you from?

I'm from 2010
Ya, me too bub! (freakin' crazies every day)

- Barter Bar Trade Shop



Thanks to Peachii.

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