Survived Ultimate Death


«Scene: Death's Domain.»

«Super Death is kneeling on the ground.»

Super Death: …no… how can this be…?

Player: Some "supreme" power you got there, Super Death. Mind if I borrow it?

«Super Death stands up.»

Super Death: And you have shown me that I do not have the right to don the title of "Super."

Super Death: The power and responsibility that comes with it will most definitely corrupt me every time.

Super Death: I shall therefore return to my rightful position of Death. Just Death. It suits me well, you know?

Super Death: And… to tell you the truth… none of those temp agencies were really working out.

Super Death: It was all about pyramid schemes and telephone operators…

Super Death: and that, dear mortal, is a far worse fate than ME.

Super Death: You have, however, earned my respect, and therefore I will share with you some of my powers.

«The Player is trapped in a blob of dark red energy, and struggles in vain.»

Super Death: Use them wisely, and I am sure I will see you soon.

Super Death: After all, I always have my eye on you.

Super Death: By the way… if you happen to see that Yershum Flergemier guy…

Super Death: tell him I have his Greatest Hits CD.

Super Death: …and took his in-game items that came with it.


«Scene fades out.»

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