Corporal Building

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Llussion is waiting for you outside the building. He suspects Dr. Insecro is planning to rob the bank! He needs YOUR help to go inside and ask if they have seen anything suspicious.

  • Speak with Info Desk Clerk to see if he has seen any suspicious fellow. He will direct you to the lobby on the right.

After watching the cutscene:

  • You appear on the back room. Defeat the Antroid (Good side), or just leave the hostages behind (Evil side). You'll have to leave the room and return to the lobby after which.

At the lobby:

After watching the cutscene:

  • Beetle Basher has captured a hostage! Go after it while Llussion take care of the rest of the monsters.

Take the stairs on the far left to the 2nd level of the building. Speak with Desk Secretary and accept her mission.

Mission Location: Corporal
Missions Begun From: Desk Secretary

There is fire everywhere! Please extinguish all the flames blocking the way out so I can leave. Extinguish 3 flames and bring back the ashes so I know that it's safe to continue.

Items Required:


  • 25 Fame
  • 50 Exp

Thanks to Peachii.

After chasing Beetle Basher to the office and watching the cutscene:

  • Defeat Beetle Basher at the balcony (to the right of the office, outside the building).
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