The Blue Wonder
Need to find the latest news, missions, map, bank, extra inventory and bank slots, extra Smash Coins, contacts, medals and unlocked badges? Well, there is one easy place to find them all! Your H.A.L. Droid.

H.A.L.droid stands for: Holographic Autonimous Logistics -Droid
You can use it to call up popular figures within Super City and find out the exactly when something is going down! Best of all… no data plans, and it's FREE.


The H.A.L. Droid can be used at any time. Simply look down to the bottom right corner for this icon…

Just click on the icon to open up the H.A.L. Droid

Who am I?

Glad you asked! I am a player like you, who is known as "The Blue Wonder!" Why do you ask? Well for seven years I have had the power to make things around me blue. Last six and a half I could make them stay blue perminantly. Some also call me the Bluenomancer, or the Azuremancer. I don't mind those names so much but… OH NO, I've accidentally made my words blue.

- Activate


Thanks to Na Tra.

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