Welcome to PumpCON! This frightful festival feels like home to us villains. PumpCON is our favorite time of year to cause mischief, steal candy, release terrifying beasts, and— best of all —to scare noobs! Wahaaahaaha!

I've got some gnarly PumpCON merch here for you and some missions if you're up for a challenge.

So your up for a challenge then let's begin shall we. Chances are you will end up like me! Live or Die just remember to enjoy your time here at PumpCON…

Long live the night of fright!

Yes, I have many PumpCON merch, some are new and some 'soon to be' rares ones too…

Villains can dress up in their cosplay outfits and get to trick people out of your treats!

- PumpCON Coin Shop
- PumpCON Treats Shop
- Spook's Missions

Location: Fair Grounds


Thanks to Peachii.

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