PumpCON is finally here! This spooktastical festival is full of tricks and treats and frightful beasts. And lots and lots of delicious candy! Take a look around and get in the PumpCON spirit!

I've got a shop full of PumpCON loot and some pretty hard missions if you're up for a challenge. PumpCON on, friend!

So your up for a challenge then let's begin shall we… If your lucky you will not end up like me! If you do die, I avoid buying ghost hunting gear or calling a Paladin!

Yes, I have many PumpCON items, some are new and some 'soon to be' rares ones too…

Around here you will see a bunch of heroes and villains cosplaying as their favorite characters, too!

- PumpCON Coin Shop
- PumpCON Treats Shop
- Spiryt's Missions

Location: Fair Grounds


Thanks to Peachii.

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