Melee Weapons (SC)

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Auto updating list of all SC Melee Weapons

AdventureQuest Buster Shard (SC)
AdventureQuest Castle Crusher (SC)
AdventureQuest Planet Splitter (SC)
Alien Chakram-Dagger (SC)
Ancient Aquatia Trident (SC)
Ancient Imperial Katana (SC)
AQ Golden Guardian Blade (SC)
Arm Destroyer (SC)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (SC)
Axe-Blade Sword (SC)
Ban Hammer (SC)
Barbarian's Conquest
Barker's Blade
Baron's Cane
Bat Attax
Blade of Yaw
BladeMaster Halberd (SC)
BladeMaster Katana (SC)
BladeMaster Sword (SC)
Blinding Light
Blue Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Bone Deadly
Box of Popcorn
Breakfast in Frying Pan
Bright New Year
Broadblade Sai (Rare)
Broken Katana
Brume 2000
Burning Love Baton
Candy Cane Sword (SC)
Chaos Shaper Sword (SC)
Chaos Slicer (SC)
Clown Cleaver
Corrupted Distant Future Axe
Crafted Longword
Cursed Katana
Cursed Royal Cutlass
Dark Future Forged Axe
Dark Gift Ripper
Dark Merry Maker
Dark New Year
Dark Vengeance Sword
Derp Artist Brush
Distant Future Axe
Double-Bladed Axe (SC)
Dragon Blade
Dragon Flame Katana (SC)
Dull Hand Axe
ED Holy Phoenix Staff (SC)
ED Tech Cleaver II (SC)
Elite Cursed Katana
Epic Attack
EpicDuel Dark Heart (SC)
EpicDuel Giga Mace (SC)
Fist of Pain
Floaty Shark
Frozen Death
Future Forged Axe
Game Blade
Gaul's Slayer
Giant Treetrunk of Klunk
Gift Ripper
Gingerbread Lance (SC)
Gold Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Golden Cutlass of Glory (SC)
Gothic Edge Sword
Grand Father Clock
HalloScream Blade
Heart Beater
Hidden Death
Hook Harpoon
Ice Chakra
Industrial Lumberjack Chainsaw (SC)
Ingiru Blade
Intimidating Morningstar
Jade Blade
Jumping Sign
Kahli May Sword
Keysword to the Heart
Killbot Club
Killers Hammer
Large Log
Large Sparkler
Large Tree Bark Sword
Lime Blade
Lion Tamer Chair
Major Award
Man Hunter
Maraca (2)
MechQuest Batblade (SC)
MechQuest Brightblade (SC)
MechQuest Evil Axe (SC)
MechQuest Pan (SC)
MechQuest Turkeyblade (SC)
MechQuest WHSword (SC)
Merry Maker
Modern Style Sword
Morpher Blade
Motorized Mayhem
No Brainer (SC)
Orbis Scepter
Overstuffed Wonderp Bread Doll (SC)
PanCake in Frying Pan
Pink Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Pirate Cutlass
polearm of Destiny
Poppy (SC)
Purple Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Red Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Red Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Ruby Red
Silent Knight
Silver Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Sky Hammer
Smashmas Hero Sword
Smashmas Special
Smashmas Villain Sword
Sonic Level
Spyglass (SC)
Staff of Yergen
Surfboard Dee-ooh-gee
Surfboard Fluffles
Surfboard Galanor
Surfboard Martial Artix
Surfboard Super Death
Surfboard Yergen
Sword of Hawkentiger
Sword of Prophets
Sword of Shadows L (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows L (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows Le (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows Le (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows S (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows S (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows XL (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows XL (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows XLe (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows XLe (SC) (2)
Teddy Cutskin
Temple Saber
The First Puppet
The Great Anchor
Toy Hammer
Ultimate Evil Scythe
Ultimate Heroic Halberd
Ultimate Scythe of Evil Prototype
Ultimate Scythe of Good Prototype
Ultimate Sword of Evil
Ultimate Sword of Evil Prototype
Ultimate Sword of Good
Ultimate Sword of Good Prototype
Ultra Flea Blade
Unicycle (SC)
Villain Fantastic Sword
War Memorial Sword (SC)
Wizard Staff
Wrestling Chair
Year of the Sheep 2015 (Melee) (SC)
Yergen Award of Awards (SC) (1)
Yergen Award of Awards (SC) (2)
Yergen Sword of Yergen (SC)

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