Armors (SC)

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Auto updating list of all Smash Coin Armors

Agent of Randor Armor (SC)
Aquatian Gladiator (SC)
Armor of the Redguard (SC) (1)
Armor of the Redguard (SC) (2)
Assassin Master
Assassin Noble
AutoBox Leader
Autopsied Little Green Alien Body
Bare Bones
Binsoku Armor
BladeMaster (SC)
Bone Manipulator
Bricko (SC)
Burning Love Armor
Burning Turkey Costume
Canuck Crusader (SC)
CC Party Suit
Chaorrupted Armor (SC)
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (SC) (1)
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (SC) (2)
Cirque Outfit 'Fullmoon' Ed (SC)
Cirque Performer Outfit
Coal Armor
Crowtalon Broom Boom Uniform
Crystal Frost
Cyber Bot
Cyber Knight Armor
Cyber Tech
Damaged Doll Outfit (SC)
Dark Carny (SC)
Dark Poncho with Gun
DarkFyre Armor
Demon Lord (SC)
Derp Artist
Diamond Pattern Outfit (SC)
Doll Outfit (SC)
EbilCorp Bomber
FB50KL Armor (Member) (SC)
FB50KL Armor (SC) (1)
FB50KL Armor (SC) (2)
Ferretpuff Broom Boom Uniform
Fiesta Poncho with Gun
Fowl Revenge Armor (SC) (1)
Fowl Revenge Armor (SC) (2)
Frost Noble (SC)
Frostbite Body (SC)
Ghost (Armor) (SC)
Gold Party Suit
Golden Eagle (SC)
Great Explorer of the Currents
Great Explorer of the Tides
Great Explorer of the Waves
Harry the Cupid (SC)
Hawkentiger Broom Boom Uniform
Hot Tempered
Howler Armor
Hyper Messenger
Invisible Blanket
Irony Mark II Armor (Member) (SC)
Irony Mark II Armor (SC)
Kei Racer
Last Fantasy
Lime Flashlight Power Armor
Lion Tamer Outfit
Lizardoff Broom Boom Uniform
Lotus Robe
Lumberjack Outfit (SC)
Magician (SC)
Mallet Threads (SC)
Maple Marvel (SC)
Military Clothes (SC)
Military Uniform (SC)
New Year (SC)
Night Tech
Nightwraith's Armor (SC)
Oil Barrel Armor
Onyx Corruption (SC)
Over Eater
Paintballer (SC)
Peppermint (Armor) (SC)
Pirate Captain Uniform
Pirate Crew Uniform (SC)
Poncho with Gun (SC)
Privateer Captain Uniform
Privateer Crew Uniform (SC)
Pumped Up
PvP Founder Armor
Repairperson Uniform (SC)
Retro Black Ultra Fire Ant
Sergeant States (SC)
Shadow Armor
Shadow Ninja
Shark Armor
Sky God Armor
Sky Pirate Uniform
SkyFrost Armor
Slime Assault Force
Slime Follower
Smashmas Hero
Smashmas Villain
Smuggler's Outfit (SC)
Snow Raider Armor
Spirit of Bravery
Spring Fairy (SC)
Static Electric
Steam Powered
Tangled Dark Elf
Tangled Elf
Team Shadow Uniform
Temple Partisan
Tenstripe Suit
Thanks Taker (SC)
The Bulk (SC)
Three D
Titanium 10 Suit
Toy Soldier Armor
Traditional Cinco De Mayo Outfit (SC)
Ultimate Evil (Armor)
Ultimate Evil Armor Prototype
Ultimate Good Armor Prototype
Ultimate Hero (Armor)
Ultra Fire Ant
Veteran Bayview Life Guard
Villain Fantastic Armor
Viper Ninja
Volley Ball
Walking Cactus (SC) (1)
Walking Cactus (SC) (2)
Yergosaurus Body (SC)

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