Ranged Weapons (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Ranged Weapons

Alien Tazer
Alphaletric Gun
Angry Mosquito
Bottle Rocket Launcher Prototype
Bow of Prophets
Bull Horn of Love (Free Player)
Bull Horn of Love (Member)
Bull Horn of Love (SC)
Burning Blue Flame Chain Whip
Burning Chain Whip
Cameo Memorial Day Machine Gun
Chakram of Mlechcha
Crooked Wand
Crusty Harpoon Gun
Dark Fowled Future Gun
Dragonhead Gun
Duck Fart Gun
EbilCorp Mini-Bomb Launcher
EbilCorp Smiling Bomb
Eggs Terminator (Free Player)
Eggs Terminator (Member)
Emerald Stone Throwing Axe (Member)
Emerald Stone Throwing Axe (SC)
Engine Blast
Event Horizon
Fancy Hand Held Blunderbuss
Five Star
Flames of Revenge
Flintlock Pistol (1)
Flintlock Pistol (2)
Flintlock Pistol (3)
Founder Bow
Founder Bow Gold
Founder Bow Shadow
Four Star
Fowl Intentions
Fowled Future Gun
Freedom Fighter Prototype
Golden Hand Held Blunderbuss
Gun of Prophets
Hand Cannon
Harriett's Wand
Junkyard Minigun
LaserCat - Grumpy
LaserCat 'Midnight'
LaserCat 'Stray' (Member)
LaserCat 'Stray' (SC)
LaserCat 'Tabs'
LaserCat 'Tamed' (Member)
LaserCat 'Tamed' (SC)
LaserCat 'Tiger'
Liberty Assault Prototype
Lime Assault
Lime Bow Flame
Mana Burst Wand
Matchlock Rifle
Maximum Derp Fish (Free Player)
Maximum Derp Fish (Member)
Maximum Derp Fish (SC)
Moldywart's Wand
Nightwraith's Gun
Nuclear Deatomizer
Octo Inker
Optimum Blaster
Pirate Blunderbuss
Pirate Flintlock
Plasma Booster (Free Player)
Plasma Booster (Member)
Plasma Booster (SC)
Power Wand
PumpGun (Free Player)
PumpGun (Member)
Reynolds Blaster
Shamrock Gun
Shield Shooter
Skyfrost Assault Blaster
Slimitron Collider
Super Derp Fish
The Chosen Wand
Three Star
War Greaser
War Rifle
Water Pistol
Whisper of Memories (Free Player)
Whisper of Memories (Member)
Who Gunit

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