Melee Weapons (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Melee Weapons

2 Pound Lobster Hammer
3 Leaf Clover Blades
4 Leaf Clover Blades
5 Pound Lobster Hammer
American Flag
Ancient Aquatia Trident (Member)
Ancient Aquatia Trident (SC)
Ancient Dragonhead Sword
Ancient Dragonsword
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (Free Player)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (Member)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (SC)
Axe of Brofeeni
Axe of Prophets
Ban Hammer (Member)
Ban Hammer (SC)
Barbarian's Conquest
Barbary Scimitar
Baron's Cane
Bat Attax
Big Turkey Leg
Blade of Bravery
Blade of Prophets
Blade of Yaw
BladeMaster Halberd (Free Player)
BladeMaster Halberd (SC)
BladeMaster Katana (Member)
BladeMaster Katana (SC)
BladeMaster Sword (Free Player)
BladeMaster Sword (SC)
Bowie Knife
Broadblade Sai (Founder) (Rare)
Broadblade Sai (Rare)
Broken Katana
Broom Boom Broom
Brume 2000
Burning Love Baton
Candy Cane Sword (Member)
Candy Cane Sword (SC)
Candy Scythe
Cannonball Axe
Chaos Axe
Chaos Battle Axe
Chaos Ravager Blade
Chaos Shaper Sword (Member)
Chaos Shaper Sword (SC)
Chaos Slicer (Member)
Chaos Slicer (SC)
Chaotic Knight Maul
Cinderella's Broken Sceptre
Cinderella's Sceptre
Crafted Longword
Crafted Sword
Cross Cut Saw
Cursed Katana
Cursed Royal Cutlass
Cutting Blow
Danger Ring
Dark Gift Giver
Dark Gift Ripper
Dark Joy Blade
Dark Merry Maker
Dark New Year
Dark Silent Knight
Dark Spirit Ripper
Deadly Fools Errand
Derp Artist Brush
Doomsday (1)
Double Bladed Axe (Rare)
Dragon Blade
Dragon Bone
Dragon Flame Katana (Member)
Dragon Flame Katana (SC)
Dragon Mace
Dull Hand Axe
Dummy Danger
Ebilcorp Energy Peeler
Ebilcorp Energy Saber
Ebilcorp Energy Torch
Ebilcorp Power Blade
Ebilcorp Sword
Ebilcorp Toiletpaper on Plunger (Free Player)
Ebilcorp Toiletpaper on Plunger (Member)
Elite Cursed Katana
Emerald Stone Hand Axe
Emerald Stone Polearm
Fist of Pain
Floaty Shark
Foundation Blade
Friendly Fool's Folly
Frostbite Axe
Frostbite Mace
Frostbite Polearm
Frozen Death
Fuggle Broom
Fury Staff
Gaul's Slayer
Ghoul Scythe
Giant Treetrunk of Klunk
Gift Giver
Gift Ripper
Gingerbread Lance (Member)
Gingerbread Lance (SC)
Gold Battle Wedding Rose
Gold Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Gold Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Golden Lucky Day Sword
HalloScream Blade
Hand Saw
Head Splitter
Hidden Death
Hook Harpoon
Ice Chakra
Industrial Lumberjack Chainsaw (Member)
Industrial Lumberjack Chainsaw (SC)
Industrial Wrench
Ingiru Blade
Intimidating Morningstar
Jack Hammer
Jade Axe
Jade Blade
Jester Sword
Joy Blade
Jumbo Maraca
Killers Hammer
Large Carrot Club
Large Log
Large Sparkler
Lime Blade
Lime Fist
Lime Flashlight Prop
Lime Royal Slicer
Lime Zinger
Lotus Sword
Love Scythe
Love Sickle
Lucky Day
Mace of Prophets
Major Award
Mallet's Mega Mallet (Free Player)
Mallet's Mega Mallet (Member)
Man Hunter
Maple Leaf Axe
Maraca (2)
MARShal's Broad Sword
Merry Maker
Morpher Blade
No Brainer (Free Player)
No Brainer (SC)
OmniKnight Blade
Orbis Mace (Free Player)
Orbis Mace (Member)
Orbis Scepter
Overstuffed Wonderp Bread Doll (Free Player)
Overstuffed Wonderp Bread Doll (SC)
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Rapier
Pirate Sword (Free Player)
Pirate Sword (Member)
Plank Chop
Plunger of Doom
polearm of Destiny
Puppet on a Stick
Purple Battle Wedding Rose
Purple Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Purple Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
PvP Founder Sword
Randomizer The Red
Red Battle Wedding Rose
Red Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Red Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Rock Lobster Hammer (Free Player)
Rock Lobster Hammer (Member)
Royal Cutlass
Rx for Destruction Axe
Scimitar (Free Player)
Scimitar (Member)
Scurvy Slasher
Ship's Anchor
Silent Knight
Silver Battle Wedding Rose
Silver Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Silver Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Silver Pitchfork
Skull Mace
Sledge Hammer
Smashmas Hero Sword
Smashmas Special
Smashmas Villain Sword
Something Witchy
Sonic Grappler
Sonic Level
Spear Harpoon
Spirit Ripper
Staff of Yergen
Surfboard Dee-ooh-gee
Surfboard Demolicious
Surfboard Fluffles
Surfboard Friday 13th
Surfboard Galanor
Surfboard Hottica
Surfboard Martial Artix
Surfboard Pandora
Surfboard Randor
Surfboard Randor the Red
Surfboard Super Death
Surfboard Trident
Surfboard Wonderp Bread
Surfboard Yergen
Surfboard Zheenx
Sword of Hawkentiger
Sword of Prophets
Sword of Shadows L (Free Player) (1)
Sword of Shadows L (Free Player) (2)
Sword of Shadows L (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows L (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows Le (Free Player) (1)
Sword of Shadows Le (Free Player) (2)
Sword of Shadows Le (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows Le (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows S (Free Player) (1)
Sword of Shadows S (Free Player) (2)
Sword of Shadows S (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows S (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows Se (1)
Sword of Shadows Se (2)
Sword of Shadows XL (Free Player) (1)
Sword of Shadows XL (Free Player) (2)
Sword of Shadows XL (SC) (1)
Sword of Shadows XL (SC) (2)
Sword of Shadows XLe (Free Player) (1)
Sword of Shadows XLe (Free Player) (2)

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