Helms (Rare)

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Auto updating list of all Rare Helms

Army Helmet
AutoBox Helm
Barbarian Helm
Black Wizarding Hat
Broom Boom Helmet
Brown Wizarding Hat
Candy Knight Helm
Cat Warrior Helm
Criminally Insane
Crow's Omen Helm
Cyber Bot Helm
Cyber Knight Helm
Dark Candy Knight Helm
Dark Elf Hat (Rare)
Dark Killers Cowl
Dark Smashmas Helm
Dark Smashmas Helm SE
Deadly Fool Mask
Dividing Hat
Doom Nommer
Ebilcorp Ninja Mask
EbilCorp Troll Hood
Echo Assault Cowl
Elf Hat (Rare)
Exterminator Hat
Feasting Bonnet
Feasting Hat
Feathered Hat
Flame Head
Flying Squirrel Cowl
Freedom Day Top Hat
Friendly Fool Mask
Great White Shark Bite
Head Master's Cap
Jess Tory (Free Player)
Jess Tory (Member)
Jester Hat (Free Player)
Jester Hat (Member)
Killer's Cowl
Lt Liberty's Helm
Lucky Day Bowler Hat
Maple Ranger Visor
Marque Fancy Hat
Modern Camo Helmet
Nightwraith Curly (Member)
Nightwraith Curly (SC)
Nightwraith Sideburn (Member)
Nightwraith Sideburn (SC)
Old War Helmet
Onyx Corruption Helm (Free Player)
Onyx Corruption Helm (SC)
Paintballer Mask (Free Player)
Paintballer Mask (Member)
Paintballer Mask (SC)
Pirate Bandanna
Pirate Hat
Randor's 1st Bday Cake
Randor's Birthday Cake Hat
Rapid Rabbit Helm (Free Player)
Rapid Rabbit Helm (Member)
Rat Dude Mask (Free Player)
Rat Dude Mask (Member)
Robo Morpher (Helm)
ScareCrow Hat
Sedge Hat
Shark Bite
Shark Stalker
Sky Pirate Hoodie
Skyfrost Helm
Smashmas Helm (Free Player)
Smashmas Helm (Member)
Smashmas Helm SE (Member)
Smashmas Helm SE (SC)
Smashmas Hero Helm
Smashmas Villain Helm
Supreme Exterminator Hat
Taco Hat
Tall Freedom Day Top Hat
The Black Cat Helm
Trickster Mask (With Hair)
Trickster Mask (Without Hair)
Ultimate Helm of Evil Prototype
Ultimate Helm of Good Prototype
Ultra Robo Morpher (Helm)
Villain Fantastic Helm
Winter Hat (Free Player)
Winter Hat (Member)
Wonderp Bread Birthday Hat (Member)
Yergen Hat (Free Player)
Yergen Hat (SC)
Yergen Warrior Helm

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