Powers (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Free Player Seasonal - Member Seasonal

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Auto updating list of all full Non-Rare Free Player Powers

Antidote (Free Player)
Atomic Smash (Free Player)
Bash (Free Player)
Chilling Blade
Chilling Wind
Chucky's Saliva
Chudling Rash (Free Player)
Deadly Poison
Death Touch
Dum Luck (Free Player)
Electrocute (Free Player)
Electron Pulse
Eye Boil (Free Player)
Fashion Sense (Free Player)
Fever (Free Player)
Fiery Core (Free Player)
Fiery Feet
Fiery Fists
Fire Blast
Fire Guard (Free Player)
Fire Lash (Free Player)
Flame Blast
Flaming Fury
Flashlight (Free Player)
Force Kick
Frost Beam
Frozen Core (Free Player)
Frozen Doom
Frozen Spear
Frozen Wrath
Gas Mask (Free Player)
Giant Smash (Free Player)
Gore (Free Player)
Gravity Warp (Free Player)
Grounded (Free Player)
Hail Storm (Free Player)
Healing Touch (Free Player)
Ice Barrage (Free Player)
Ice Guard (Free Player)
Ion Burst (Free Player)
Irradiate (Free Player)
Jump Attack
Jump Kick
Laser Beam
Lava Storm
Lead Head (Free Player)
Lightning Reflexes (Free Player)
Maximum Blast (Free Player)
Mental Blast
Mental Ray
Minor Regeneration
Minor Telekinesis
Molecular Reconstruction
Molten Armor
Momma's Spit
Mutate (Free Player)
Oblivion Blast (Free Player)
...of Energy (Free Player)
...of Fire (Free Player)
...of Ice (Free Player)
...of Poison (Free Player)
...of Radiation (Free Player)
...of the Mind (Free Player)
...of the Physical (Free Player)
...of the Shadows (Free Player)
Overwhelming Power
Pandora's Grace (Free Player)
Phase Shift (Free Player)
Plasma Net (Free Player)
Poison Blade (Free Player)
Poison Grenade
Pony Charge (Free Player)
Precision (Free Player)
Proton Pulse
Psychic Blast
Pulsar Beam
Radiating Hands
Radiation Beam
Reality Rend
Reens' Rampage (Free Player)
Sarin Grenade (Free Player)
Selfless Gift
Shadow Blast
Shadow Bomb
Shadow Slice (Free Player)
Siphon Life
Solar Ray
Stone Skin
Super Atomic Smash
Super Intellect (Free Player)
Super Speed (Free Player)
Surge (Free Player)
Taser (Free Player)
Toreado (Free Player)
Toxic Burst
Uncanny Focus (Free Player)
Unstable (Free Player)
Vampire Bite
Yergenism (Free Player)

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