Melee Weapons (Non-Rare Free Player)

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Auto updating list of all Non-Rare Free Player Melee Weapons

AdventureQuest Buster Shard (Free Player)
AdventureQuest Castle Crusher (Free Player)
AdventureQuest Planet Splitter (Free Player)
Alien Chakram-Dagger (Free Player)
All Your Mace
Amarion Battle Axe
AQ Golden Guardian Blade (Free Player)
Aqua Assault
Arm Destroyer (Free Player)
Aura of Power
Ax In Time
Axe Noir
Axe-Blade Sword (Free Player)
Axe-Bladed Sword
Basic Sledgehammer
BBQ Fork
BBQ Spatula
Beach Umbrella
Beastly War Mace
Beta Smasher
Bionic Cleaver
Bitter Cold
Blade of Justice
Blade of the Phoenix
Blade of Vengence
Blocker Blade
Blue Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Blunder Mace
Bone Axe
Boom Stick
(BP) Floral Muse
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (1)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (2)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (3)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (4)
(BP) The Destroyer
(BP) Treetunk of Klunk
Bucket Axe
Candy Corn Axe
Chron Blade
Clown Horn
Club with Chains
Cold Blooded
Contra Blade
Court Gavel
Crusaders Blade
Dagger of Kovak
Danger Bear
Dark Candy Cane
Dark Energy Ripper
Dark Staff
Data Dagger
Death Hoop
Destroyer Lance
Destroyer Mace
DFA sword
Doomed Future Fighter
Doomsday (2)
Double-Bladed Axe (Free Player)
Dwarven Battle Axe
Dwarven Hand Axe
ED Holy Phoenix Staff (Free Player)
ED Tech Cleaver II (Free Player)
Electric Guitar
Energy Ripper
EpicDuel Dark Heart (Free Player)
EpicDuel Giga Mace (Free Player)
Fancy Trident (Evil)
Fancy Trident (Good)
Fiery Wrath
Film Reel Club
Final Blade
Firefighter Axe
Firefighter Ladder
Flames of Shadows
Flea Blade
Freedom Day Guitar (1)
Freedom Day Guitar (2)
Freedom Day Guitar (3)
Frying Pan
Future Fighter
Future Tech
Gilded Toilet Seat of Fame and Fortune
Golden Cutlass of Glory (Free Player)
Golden Eagle's Edge
Hacking Cane
Half Pint Sword
Hand Axe
Hand Hacker
Heavy Duty Lunch Box
Heavy Hammer
Heroic Great Blade
Hot Pin
Hunting Knife
Igneous Blade
Inverted Justice
Jade Imperial Katana
Jumbo Sized Lollipop
Junkyard Hammer
Large Candy Cane
Lasetek Schimitar
Love Baton (Free Player)
Lunch Box
Maraca (1)
Mayhem Mauler
Meat Club
Mech Pipe Wrench (Free Player)
MechQuest Batblade (Free Player)
MechQuest Brightblade (Free Player)
MechQuest Evil Axe (Free Player)
MechQuest Pan (Free Player)
MechQuest Turkeyblade (Free Player)
MechQuest WHSword (Free Player)
Memorial Day Sword
Mini Scythe
Modern Sledgehammer
Monstrous Aid
Moose Antler
Movie Mega Plex Soft Drink
Mystic Blade
Necrotic Obsidian Blade
Nightshade Blade
Obsidian Imperial Katana
Old Bowie
Ooze Slasher
Pink Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Pipe Wrench
Plastic Shovel
Pole Lamp
Poppy (Free Player)
PumpCON Blade
Razor Wings
Red Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Riprap Hook
Road Kill
Rubber Chicken (Free Player)
Rubber Chicken (Free Player) (Seasonal)
Ruby Imperial Katana
Shades of Chaos
Shades of Vanquish
Shadow Reaper
Short Super Sword
Sky Slammer
Soccer Ball
Space Soldier Sawblade
Spark Spear
Speed Slasher
Spiked Baton
Spyglass (Free Player)
Steel Coffee Mug
Steel Thermas
Super Magma Scythe
Super Slythe
Surfboard HeroSmash (Free Player)
Surfboard Swizz Soda
Synergtic Beast
Teddy Bear
Tennis Racket
Throwing Dagger
Time Hacker
Time Stopper
Tree Bark Sword
Turkey Leg
Twister Axe
Unwrapped Jumbo Sized Lollipop (Free Player)
Vortex Axe
Walkers Arrow
War Memorial Lance
War Memorial Sword (Free Player)
Wonderp Bread Doll
Yergen Award Cup
Yergen Award Cup with Plant
Yergen Bobble Head
Yergen in the Box
Yergen Sign
Zaz Abuse
Zombie Chainsaw

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