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Auto updating list of all Member Armors

Agent of Randor Armor (Member)
Anamnesis Armor (Member)
Animal Instinct (Hair)
Animal Instinct (Skin)
Aquatian Gladiator (Member)
Armor of the Redguard (Member) (1)
Armor of the Redguard (Member) (2)
Bayview Life Guard
BBQ Knight Outfit
BladeMaster (Member)
(BP) Samurai (Member)
Canuck Crusader (Member)
Captain's Uniform
Chaorrupted Armor (Member)
Cheetarino Rogue
Cinco De Mayo Outfit '12
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (Member)
Cirque Outfit 'Fullmoon' Ed (Member)
Come Along
Crew Uniform (Anchor Emblem)
Crew Uniform (Skull 'n Crossbones)
Crowtalon Uniform
Damaged Doll Outfit (Member)
Dark Assassin Lord
Dark Carny (Member) (1)
Dark Carny (Member) (2)
Dark Dynamo Armor
Diamond Pattern Outfit (Member)
Doll Outfit (Member)
Dwarf Armor (Member)
EbilCorp Drone Body
FB50KL Armor (Member)
FB50KL Armor (Member) (SC)
Ferretpuff Uniform
Fire Ant
Foundation (Armor)
Frost Noble (Member)
Fury Robe
Ghostly Body (Member)
Golden Eagle (Member)
Half Pint Clothes (Member)
Harry the Cupid (Member)
Hawkentiger Uniform
Heart Breaker (Member)
Ingiru Stone Warrior
Irony Mark I Armor (Member)
Irony Mark II Armor (Member)
Irony Mark II Armor (Member) (SC)
Irony Mark III Armor (Member)
Jester Clothes (Member)
Jungle Warrior
KnightnGale Armor (Member)
Lime Flashlight Armor
Little Green Alien Body
Lizardoff Uniform
Lumberjack Outfit (Member)
Magician (Member)
Mallet Threads (Member)
Maple Marvel (Member)
Midnight Phantom
Military Clothes (Member)
Military Uniform (Member)
New Year (Member)
Nightwraith's Armor (Member)
Paintballer (Member)
Peppermint (Armor) (Member)
Pirate Armor
Pirate Royalty
Poncho with Gun (Member)
Potted Cactus (Member)
Practel Enforcer Armor (Member)
PvP Founder Armor
Radioactive Armor
Rapid Rabbit Armor (Member)
Rat Dude Outfit (Member)
Repairperson Uniform (Member)
Sergeant States (Member)
Slime Armor
Smuggler's Outfit (Member)
Soul Siphoner
Spectral Biker Outfit
Spring Fairy (Member)
Starter Outfit
Super Turkey Costume (Member)
Supreme Dictator
Swim Suit
Taco Outfit (Member)
Team 10 Suit (Member)
Thanks Taker (Member)
The Black Cat Outfit
The Bulk (Member)
Theater Usher
Tip Toe Terror
Twisted Armor
Ultra Fire Ant
Ultra Robo Morpher (Armor)
Walking Cactus (Member)
Wet Suit Armor
Witch Clothing (Member)
Your Military

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