Melee Weapons (All)

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Auto updating list of all All Melee Weapons

Future Fighter
Future Forged Axe
Future Tech
Game Blade
Gaul's Slayer
Ghoul Scythe
Giant Treetrunk of Klunk
Gift Giver
Gift Ripper
Gilded Toilet Seat of Fame and Fortune
Gingerbread Lance (Member)
Gingerbread Lance (SC)
Gold Battle Wedding Rose
Gold Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Gold Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Golden Cutlass of Glory (Free Player)
Golden Cutlass of Glory (SC)
Golden Eagle's Edge
Golden Lucky Day Sword
Gothic Edge Sword
Grand Father Clock
Grantuk Blade
Hacking Cane
Half Pint Sword
HalloScream Blade
Hand Axe
Hand Hacker
Hand Saw
Head Splitter
Heart Beater
Heavy Duty Lunch Box
Heavy Hammer
Helicopter Blade
Heroic Great Blade
Hidden Death
Hook Harpoon
Hot Pin
Hunting Knife
Ice Chakra
Ice Scythe
Idol Mace
Igneous Blade
Industrial Lumberjack Chainsaw (Member)
Industrial Lumberjack Chainsaw (SC)
Industrial Wrench
Infection Waiting To Happen
Ingiru Blade
Ingiru Sword
Intimidating Morningstar
Inverted Justice
Jack Hammer
Jade Axe
Jade Blade
Jade Imperial Katana
Jester Sword
Joy Blade
Jumbo Maraca
Jumbo Sized Lollipop
Jumping Sign
Junkyard Hammer
Junkyard Slicer Scythe
Kahli May Sword
Keysword to the Heart
Killbot Club
Killers Hammer
Large Candy Cane
Large Carrot Club
Large Football
Large Log
Large Sparkler
Large Tree Bark Sword
Laser Sword
Lasetek Schimitar
Legendary Blade of Justice
Legendary Blade of Vengence
Lightning Guitar
Lights Out
Lime Blade
Lime Fist
Lime Flashlight Prop
Lime Royal Slicer
Lime Zinger
Lion Tamer Chair
Lord Zeenoms Sword
Lotus Sword
Love Baton (Free Player)
Love Baton (Member)
Love Scythe
Love Sickle
Lucky Day
Lunch Box
Mace of Prophets
Magma Blade
Major Award
Mallet's Mega Mallet (Free Player)
Mallet's Mega Mallet (Member)
Man Hunter
Maple Leaf Axe
Maraca (1)
Maraca (2)
MARShal's Broad Sword
Mayhem Mauler
Meat Club
Mech Pipe Wrench (Free Player)
Mech Pipe Wrench (Member)
MechQuest Batblade (Free Player)
MechQuest Batblade (Member)
MechQuest Batblade (SC)
MechQuest Brightblade (Free Player)
MechQuest Brightblade (Member)
MechQuest Brightblade (SC)
MechQuest Evil Axe (Free Player)
MechQuest Evil Axe (Member)
MechQuest Evil Axe (SC)
MechQuest Pan (Free Player)
MechQuest Pan (Member)
MechQuest Pan (SC)
MechQuest Turkeyblade (Free Player)
MechQuest Turkeyblade (Member)
MechQuest Turkeyblade (SC)
MechQuest WHSword (Free Player)
MechQuest WHSword (Member)
MechQuest WHSword (SC)
Mega Flea Blade
Melee Weapons Sorted by Level
Memorial Day Sword
Merry Maker
Mini Scythe
Modern Sledgehammer
Modern Style Sword
Monstrous Aid
Moose Antler
Morpher Blade
Mortal Coil
Motorized Mayhem
Mountain Pick
Movie Mega Plex Soft Drink
Muck Mauler
Mystic Blade
Necrotic Obsidian Blade
Nightshade Blade
No Brainer (Free Player)
No Brainer (SC)
Obsidian Imperial Katana
Old Bowie
OmniKnight Blade
Ooze Slasher
Orbis Mace (Free Player)
Orbis Mace (Member)
Orbis Scepter
Overshadow Scythe
Overstuffed Wonderp Bread Doll (Free Player)
Overstuffed Wonderp Bread Doll (SC)
PanCake in Frying Pan
Pink Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Pink Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Pipe Wrench
Pirate Cutlass
Pirate Rapier
Pirate Sword (Free Player)
Pirate Sword (Member)
Plank Chop
Plastic Shovel
Plunger of Doom
Pod Pummel
Pole Lamp
polearm of Destiny
Poppy (Free Player)
Poppy (Member)
Poppy (SC)
PumpCON Blade
Puppet on a Stick
Purple Battle Wedding Rose
Purple Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Purple Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
PvP Founder Sword
Randomizer The Red
Razor Wings
Red Battle Wedding Rose
Red Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Red Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Red Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Red Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Riprap Hook
Road Kill
Rock Lobster Hammer (Free Player)
Rock Lobster Hammer (Member)
Rose Flower Bouquet
Royal Cutlass
Rubber Chicken (Free Player)
Rubber Chicken (Free Player) (Seasonal)
Ruby Imperial Katana
Ruby Red
Rx for Destruction Axe
Scimitar (Free Player)
Scimitar (Member)
Scurvy Slasher
Shades of Chaos
Shades of Vanquish
Shadow Reaper
Shadow Spear
Ship's Anchor
Short Super Sword
Silent Knight
Silver Battle Wedding Rose
Silver Battle Wedding Roses (Member)
Silver Battle Wedding Roses (SC)
Silver Pitchfork
Skull Mace
Sky Hammer
Sky Slammer
Sledge Hammer
Smashmas Hero Sword
Smashmas Special
Smashmas Villain Sword
Soccer Ball
Something Witchy
Sonic Grappler
Sonic Level
Soul Of The Oblivion
Space Soldier Sawblade
Spark Spear
Spear Harpoon
Spear Of Zanutha
Speed Slasher
Spiked Baton
Spirit Ripper
Spyglass (Free Player)
Spyglass (Member)
Spyglass (SC)
Staff of Yergen
Steel Coffee Mug

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