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Auto updating list of all All Melee Weapons

2 Pound Lobster Hammer
3 Leaf Clover Blades
4 Leaf Clover Blades
5 Pound Lobster Hammer
AdventureQuest Buster Shard (Free Player)
AdventureQuest Buster Shard (Member)
AdventureQuest Buster Shard (SC)
AdventureQuest Castle Crusher (Free Player)
AdventureQuest Castle Crusher (Member)
AdventureQuest Castle Crusher (SC)
AdventureQuest Planet Splitter (Free Player)
AdventureQuest Planet Splitter (Member)
AdventureQuest Planet Splitter (SC)
AE 10th Anniversary Axe
Alien Chakram-Dagger (Free Player)
Alien Chakram-Dagger (SC)
All Your Mace
Amarion Battle Axe
American Flag
Ancient Aquatia Trident (Member)
Ancient Aquatia Trident (SC)
Ancient Dragonhead Sword
Ancient Dragonsword
Ancient Imperial Katana (Member)
Ancient Imperial Katana (SC)
AQ Golden Guardian Blade (Free Player)
AQ Golden Guardian Blade (Member)
AQ Golden Guardian Blade (SC)
Aqua Assault
Aquatian Staff
Aquatian Sword
Arm Destroyer (Free Player)
Arm Destroyer (Member)
Arm Destroyer (SC)
Artix Entertainment Mug (Free Player)
Artix Entertainment Mug (Member)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (Free Player)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (Member)
Artix Logo Drinking Mug (SC)
Aura of Power
Ax In Time
Axe Noir
Axe of Brofeeni
Axe of Prophets
Axe-Blade Sword (Free Player)
Axe-Blade Sword (Member)
Axe-Blade Sword (SC)
Axe-Bladed Sword
Ban Hammer (Member)
Ban Hammer (SC)
Barbarian's Conquest
Barbary Scimitar
Barker's Blade
Baron's Cane
Basic Sledgehammer
Bat Attax
BBQ Fork
BBQ Spatula
Beach Ball
Beach Umbrella
Beastly War Mace
Beta Smasher
Big Turkey Leg
Bionic Cleaver
Bitter Cold
Blade of Bravery
Blade of Justice
Blade of Prophets
Blade of the Phoenix
Blade of Vengence
Blade of Yaw
BladeMaster Halberd (Free Player)
BladeMaster Halberd (SC)
BladeMaster Katana (Member)
BladeMaster Katana (SC)
BladeMaster Sword (Free Player)
BladeMaster Sword (SC)
Blinding Light
Blocker Blade
Blue Rose Flower Bouquet (Free Player)
Blue Rose Flower Bouquet (SC)
Blunder Blade
Blunder Mace
Blunderdome Lobotomy
Bone Axe
Bone Deadly
Boom Stick
Bowie Knife
Box of Popcorn
(BP) Floral Muse
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (1)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (2)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (3)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (4)
(BP) Sword of Ancient Days (Member)
(BP) The Destroyer
(BP) Treetunk of Klunk
Breakfast in Frying Pan
Bright New Year
Broadblade Sai (Founder) (Rare)
Broadblade Sai (Rare)
Broken Katana
Broom Boom Broom
Brume 2000
Bucket Axe
Burning Love Baton
Candy Apple
Candy Cane Sword (Member)
Candy Cane Sword (SC)
Candy Corn Axe
Candy Scythe
Cannonball Axe
Carnaton The Destroyer
Chaos Axe
Chaos Battle Axe
Chaos Ravager Blade
Chaos Shaper Sword (Member)
Chaos Shaper Sword (SC)
Chaos Slicer (Member)
Chaos Slicer (SC)
Chaotic Knight Maul
Chron Blade
Cinderella's Broken Sceptre
Cinderella's Sceptre
Clown Cleaver
Clown Horn
Clown Hunter
Clown Hunter Unleashed
Club with Chains
Cold Blooded
Colossus Magma Sword
Contra Blade
Corrupted Distant Future Axe
Cotton Candy Club
Court Gavel
Crafted Longword
Crafted Sword
Cross Cut Saw
Crusaders Blade
Cursed Katana
Cursed Royal Cutlass
Cutting Blow
Dagger of Kovak
Danger Bear
Danger Ring
Dark Candy Cane
Dark Energy Ripper
Dark Future Forged Axe
Dark Gift Giver
Dark Gift Ripper
Dark Joy Blade
Dark Merry Maker
Dark New Year
Dark Silent Knight
Dark Spirit Ripper
Dark Staff
Dark Vengeance Sword
Data Dagger
Deadly Fools Errand
Death Hoop
Derp Artist Brush
Destroyer Lance
Destroyer Mace
DFA sword
Dimensional Slice
Distant Future Axe
Doom Seeker Blade
Doomed Future Fighter
Doomsday (1)
Doomsday (2)
Double Bladed Axe (Rare)
Double-Bladed Axe (Free Player)
Double-Bladed Axe (SC)
Dragon Blade
Dragon Bone
Dragon Flame Katana (Member)
Dragon Flame Katana (SC)
Dragon Mace
Dull Hand Axe
Dummy Danger
Dwarven Battle Axe
Dwarven Hand Axe
Ebilcorp Energy Peeler
Ebilcorp Energy Saber
Ebilcorp Energy Torch
EbilCorp Mug (Free Player)
EbilCorp Mug (Member)
Ebilcorp Power Blade
Ebilcorp Sword
Ebilcorp Toiletpaper on Plunger (Free Player)
Ebilcorp Toiletpaper on Plunger (Member)
ED Holy Phoenix Staff (Free Player)
ED Holy Phoenix Staff (Member)
ED Holy Phoenix Staff (SC)
ED Tech Cleaver II (Free Player)
ED Tech Cleaver II (Member)
ED Tech Cleaver II (SC)
Electric Guitar
Elite Cursed Katana
Emerald Stone Hand Axe
Emerald Stone Polearm
Energy Ripper
Epic Attack
EpicDuel Dark Heart (Free Player)
EpicDuel Dark Heart (Member)
EpicDuel Dark Heart (SC)
EpicDuel Giga Mace (Free Player)
EpicDuel Giga Mace (Member)
EpicDuel Giga Mace (SC)
Fallen Warrior
Fancy Trident (Evil)
Fancy Trident (Good)
Fiery Wrath
Film Reel Club
Final Blade
Firefighter Axe
Firefighter Ladder
Fist of Pain
Flames of Shadows
Flea Blade
Floaty Shark
Folded Double-Bladed Axe
Foundation Blade
Freedom Day Guitar (1)
Freedom Day Guitar (2)
Freedom Day Guitar (3)
Friendly Fool's Folly
Frostbite Axe
Frostbite Mace
Frostbite Polearm
Frozen Death
Frozen Ferocity
Frying Pan
Fuggle Broom
Fury Staff

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