Capes & Back Items (All)

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Auto updating list of all Capes & Back Items

Air Wings
Albatross Gold
Alien Tenacles
Alpha Gold Cape
Anamnesis Jet Pack (Free Player)
Anamnesis Jet Pack (Member)
Angel Dawn
Angel Dusk
Angel Pet Cape
Angel Prism
Animal Wings
Bacon Cape
Basic Jet Pack
Batty Bat
Betty Bat
Binsoku Jetpack
Black DragonKhan Wings
Blue Cape
Blue DragonKhan Wings
Brown Cape
Bubble Fish (Free Player)
Bubble Fish (Member)
Bunny On Back
Camouflage Bow Carrier
Capes & Back Items Sorted by Level
Chaos Tentacles (Free Player)
Chaos Tentacles (Member)
Chaos Tentacles (SC)
Crow Wings EX
Crow Wings (Free Player)
Crow Wings (Member) (1)
Crow Wings (Member) (2)
Crow Wings (Member) (3)
Crow Wings (SC) (1)
Crow Wings (SC) (2)
Crow Wings (SC) (3)
Cupid Wings
Cyber Falcon
Dark Blue Cape
Dark Brown Cape
Dark Green Cape
Dark Orange Cape
Dark Red Cape
Dark Toxic Green Cape
DaVinci Minion
Demon Pet Cape
Double Vengeance
FB50KL Jetpack (Free Player) (1)
FB50KL Jetpack (Free Player) (2)
FB50KL Jetpack (Free Player) (3)
FB50KL Jetpack (Member)
FB50KL Jetpack (SC) (1)
FB50KL Jetpack (SC) (2)
Firework Jetpack
Floating Pinata (Member)
Floating Pinata (SC)
Golden Eagle Wings
Golden Tattler
Green DragonKhan Wings
Green Parrot Pet
Harry the Cupid Wings (Free Player)
Harry the Cupid Wings (Member)
Harry the Cupid Wings (SC)
Hunters Backpack
Hunting Bow and Quiver
Jetpack Prime
Large DragonKhan Wings
Large Turkey Tail
Light Wings
M-390 Jet Pack
Machine Gun in Black Case
Machine Gun in Blue Case
Machine Gun in Cameo Case
Machine Gun in Case (Member)
Machine Gun in Case (SC)
Machine Gun in Green Case
Machine Gun in White Case
Magical Broom Stick
Mantle of Heroes
Masters Grey Cape
Mini Zong
Nobles Blood Cape
Orange Cape
Orange DragonKhan Wings
Orange Parrot Pet
Parrot Pet (Member)
Parrot Pet (SC)
Pink Cape
Pink DragonKhan Wings
Pink Parrot Pet
Plant Wings
Portable Fireworks
Puppet Controller
Purple Dragonkhan Wings
Rainbow Wings
Red Cape
Red DragonKhan Wings
Red Parrot Pet
Robotic Arms Backpack
Rust Bucket
Shadow Beast Wings
Shadow Cape
Skies of Doom
Sky Pirate Steampack
Skyfrost Jetwing
Spirit of Giving
Spirit of Taking
Sporty Bow Backpack
Sword of Backonus
Team 10 Tail
Travellers Backpack
Turkey Tail (Free Player)
Turkey Tail (Member)
Water Wings
White DragonKhan Wings
Yellow DragonKhan Wings
Yergen Balloon
Yergen Butterfly Wings (Member)
Yergen Butterfly Wings (SC)

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