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11th Physician
Agent of Randor Armor (Free Player)
Agent of Randor Armor (Member)
Agent of Randor Armor (SC)
Alphaletric Armor
Anamnesis Armor (Free Player)
Anamnesis Armor (Member)
Animal Instinct (Hair)
Animal Instinct (Skin)
Aquatian Gladiator (Member)
Aquatian Gladiator (SC)
Aquatic Holiday
Arcane Robes
Arctikiller Armor
Armor of the Redguard (Free Player) (1)
Armor of the Redguard (Free Player) (2)
Armor of the Redguard (Member) (1)
Armor of the Redguard (Member) (2)
Armor of the Redguard (SC) (1)
Armor of the Redguard (SC) (2)
Armors Sorted by Level
Assassin Master
Assassin Noble
AutoBox Leader
Autopsied Little Green Alien Body
Bare Bones
Battle Hardened Armor
Bayview Life Guard
BBQ Knight Outfit
Big Bad Barbarian
Big Britches
Binsoku Armor
Black Cyber Gear
Black Military Uniform
Blackracer Armor
BladeMaster (Member)
BladeMaster (SC)
Blood Leech
Blue Military Uniform
Bone Manipulator
(BP) Battleguard Steel and Leather
(BP) Samurai (Free Player)
(BP) Samurai (Member)
(BP) Steampunk Armor
(BP) Steel and Leather Tunic
Bricko (Free Player)
Bricko (SC)
Burning Love Armor
Burning Turkey Costume
Candy Corn Crusader
Candy Knight
Candy Outfit
Canuck Crusader (Free Player)
Canuck Crusader (Member)
Canuck Crusader Prototype
Canuck Crusader (SC)
Captain's Uniform
Cardboardbox Armor
CC Party Suit
Chaorrupted Armor (Member)
Chaorrupted Armor (SC)
Chaos Armor
Cheetarino Rogue
Cinco De Mayo Outfit '12
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (Free Player)
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (Member)
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (SC) (1)
Cinco de Mayo Outfit (SC) (2)
Circuit Breaker
Cirque Outfit 'Fullmoon' Ed (Free Player)
Cirque Outfit 'Fullmoon' Ed (Member)
Cirque Outfit 'Fullmoon' Ed (SC)
Cirque Performer Outfit
Clown Henchman
Coal Armor
Cold Steel (Armor)
Come Along
Construction Worker Outfit
Crew Uniform (Anchor Emblem)
Crew Uniform (Skull 'n Crossbones)
Crow's Omen
Crowtalon Broom Boom Uniform
Crowtalon Uniform
Crystal Frost
Cyber Blue Armor
Cyber Bot
Cyber Knight Armor
Cyber Tech
Damaged Doll Outfit (Free Player)
Damaged Doll Outfit (Member)
Damaged Doll Outfit (SC)
Dark Assassin Lord
Dark Candy Knight
Dark Carny (Free Player)
Dark Carny (Member) (1)
Dark Carny (Member) (2)
Dark Carny (SC)
Dark Dynamo Armor
Dark Elf
Dark Poncho
Dark Poncho with Gun
Dark Santa Outfit
Dark Smashmas Warrior (Rare)
Dark Smashmas Warrior (Seasonal)
Dark Snowman
Dark Snowman Armor
DarkFyre Armor
Darkness Armor
Davinci Agent
Deadly Fool
Demo Diva (Armor)
Demolicious Ally
Demon Lord (Free Player)
Demon Lord (SC)
Derp Artist
Diamond Pattern Outfit (Free Player)
Diamond Pattern Outfit (Member)
Diamond Pattern Outfit (SC)
Doll Outfit (Free Player)
Doll Outfit (Member)
Doll Outfit (SC)
Dwarf Armor (Free Player)
Dwarf Armor (Member)
EbilCorp Bomber
EbilCorp Drone Body
Ebilcorp Executive Battle Suit
Ebilcorp Executive Suit
Ebilcorp Ninja Suit
Echo Assault
Fancy Pilgrim Clothes
FB50KL Armor (Free Player) (1)
FB50KL Armor (Free Player) (2)
FB50KL Armor (Free Player) (3)
FB50KL Armor (Member)
FB50KL Armor (Member) (SC)
FB50KL Armor (SC) (1)
FB50KL Armor (SC) (2)
Ferretpuff Broom Boom Uniform
Ferretpuff Uniform
Fiesta Poncho
Fiesta Poncho with Gun
Fire Ant
Fire Starter
Firecracker (Armor)
Firefighter Gear
Flying Squirrel Outfit
Foundation (Armor)
Fowl Revenge Armor (SC) (1)
Fowl Revenge Armor (SC) (2)
Freedom Day Parade
Friendly Fool
Frost Noble (Free Player)
Frost Noble (Member)
Frost Noble (SC)
Frostbite Armor
Frostbite Body (Free Player)
Frostbite Body (SC)
Fury Robe
Ghost (Armor) (Free Player)
Ghost (Armor) (SC)
Ghostly Body (Free Player)
Ghostly Body (Member)
Gift Box Armor
Gold Cyber Gear
Gold Party Suit
Golden Eagle (Free Player)
Golden Eagle (Member)
Golden Eagle (SC)
Gothic Vamps
Great Explorer of the Currents
Great Explorer of the Tides
Great Explorer of the Waves
Green Military Uniform
Half Pint Clothes (Free Player)
Half Pint Clothes (Member)
Harry the Cupid (Free Player)
Harry the Cupid (Member)
Harry the Cupid (SC)
Hawkentiger Broom Boom Uniform
Hawkentiger Uniform
Haxxorz Hoax (Armor)
Heart Attacker
Heart Breaker (Free Player)
Heart Breaker (Member)
Heat Manipulator
Hero Wannabe
Horrible Doctor
Hot Tempered
Howler Armor
Hyper Messenger
Illinois Johnson Armor
Ingiru Stone Warrior
Invisible Blanket
Iron Eagle Armor
Irony Mark I Armor (Free Player)
Irony Mark I Armor (Member)
Irony Mark II Armor (Member)
Irony Mark II Armor (Member) (SC)
Irony Mark II Armor (SC)
Irony Mark III Armor (Free Player)
Irony Mark III Armor (Member)
Jester Clothes (Free Player)
Jester Clothes (Member)
Jungle Warrior
Kei Racer
KnightnGale Armor (Free Player)
KnightnGale Armor (Member)
Last Fantasy
Lava Temptation
Liberty Larry
Life Guard
Lime Flashlight Armor
Lime Flashlight Power Armor
Lion Tamer Outfit
Lionrah Warrior
Little Green Alien Body
Lizardoff Broom Boom Uniform
Lizardoff Uniform
Lockdown Armor
Lord of Anger
Lord of Dignity
Lord of Intimidation
Lotus Robe
Lt Liberty (Armor)
Luchateer Armor
Lucky Day Suit (1)
Lucky Day Suit (2)
Lumberjack Outfit (Free Player)
Lumberjack Outfit (Member)
Lumberjack Outfit (SC)
Magician (Free Player)
Magician (Member)
Magician (SC)
Mallet Threads (Free Player)
Mallet Threads (Member)
Mallet Threads (SC)
Maple Marvel (Free Player)
Maple Marvel (Member)
Maple Marvel (SC)
Maple Ranger
Mega Fist
Midnight Phantom
Midnight Suit

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