Movie Plex Attendant
Welcome! Here to see a movie? That's great! The movies are always changing, sometimes even as your watching a movie!

But before you see the movie, how about some refreshments? I've got all kinds of candy right here for your nomming pleasure! Plus we sell cosplay gear!

Ticket Please!
One ticket for the show? Alright, well… If you disappear during the film, just so you know, there are no refunds. There are rumors of people becoming zombies and walking straight out from the movies… but you know rumors.

Still wanna go in? Good! Enjoy the show!

What's for Sale?
The concession stand has all the treats one needs to enjoy a good movie o to scare attacking aliens, zombies or mummies… It's the gremlins that are the real trouble makers breaking equipment and stealing popcorn.

We also have a cosplay store (requires Movie Plex tokens), so you can dress up as anything you like!

- Concession
- Cosplay Shop

Location: Market Street

Thanks to Angelita, Ashluv, Peachii, rickyb20 and Stewie.

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