Symbol of all that is Evil
Ah yes, I think I've heard of you.

This is Skull Deep, where the strongest of the strong come to train and prove their worth.

I've got a few things that need handling. Do you think you're up to the task?

- Rocker's Missions
- Rocker's Power Shop

Who are you?
My name's Rocker, get it? I remove the scrubs from Skull Deep.

No I don't run the place. Nobody does. You would have to be right out of your mind if you think anyone could control all of the villains strolling around here.

Villain Training
This isn't any kinda of pre-school or nothin'. Or that silly Professor Smash's school for the wimps.

I will only warn you once. These abilities are dangerous. Only those corrupt enough can handle their power.

If you have not earned Rank 2 Evil:

Symbol of all that is Evil
Who do you think you are! You cannot just stroll into Skull Deep and expect to get away with it.

What did you want a warm welcome? You have to earn your way into Skull Deep. No goody-goody should step foot down here!

I can be Evil
You aren't exactly what I would consider evil but, you want a chance to prove yourself?

Anyone with a Red Star will have something evil for you to do. You will need to speak with them first before we allow someone like you to walk around Skull Deep.

- Get Evil Rep

Location: SkullDeep


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