The Mysterious Feline
Ugh; what I wouldn't give for Meat Vision!

All these so called "heroes" do nothing all day but wait for trouble to happen, and yet no one ever thinks to bring lunch!

That's where I come in! I'm in the business of selling the nourishment that keeps you doing… whatever it is that heroes do.


If you forgot lunch but not your lunch money, then step right up and check out my inventory!

I accept payment in cash, credit card, and yarn. (CAUTION: May contain hair balls…)

And if you like items for purrfection, then you can get tickets for theGolden Ticket Shop here! They're also a rare drop from enemies.

- Golden Tickets raresmall.png
- Lunchtime Shop
- Wonderp Bread Birthday Shop raresmall.png

Location: Overlook


Thanks to Paradox and Peachii.

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