Monochrome Invasion


  • Button in Overlook - Click on 'Cutscene'

«Scene: Hero is flying towards Overlook»

Hero: I can't wait to get to town and see all my friends! The overlook is such a fun place to hang out and…

«Scene: Reached Overlook, color instantly fades and turns monochrome»

Hero: WHAT THE…!?
Hero: Liberty City has always been a bit of a gray area, but not like this!
Hero: I better go investigate!

«Scene: Top of Overlook Tower»

Zack Storch: Thank goodness!
Hero: What happened here?
Zack Storch: Well…

«Scene: A beam-like object flew towards Earth»

«Scene: Liberty Square»

«Scene: Monochrome landed and begins to engulf all the colors in the city»

«Screen fade»

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