Mister Maximum

Protector of Super City
can already tell why you are here. You are ready to turn the "Justice up to MAXIMUM!"

One good way to do that is with some "Ultimate Good" gear. I some here that was fashioned by the most skilled tailors around Super City. Or would you like me to teach you my signiture Maximum BLAST!

Who are you?
Well, you might not know but I HAVE defeated Super City's most vile villains and thwarted some of the most evil schemes! I'll admit, invulnerability certainly helps.

Here at Hero Spire, we herpes have banded together to serve in the name of justice. I personally invite you to train with us in the training room.

How did you g…

Well, I was just an ordinary nuclear technition working at the Super City Power Plant when there was a meltdown in the core reactor. I was the only one left inside when it exploded. Rather than die, I absorbed the tremendous amount of energy. Now whenever I'm exposed to nuclear energy it charges me up.

- Radiation Powers Shop
- Ultimate Good Shop

Location: HeroSpire


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