Marty Plumber

Bugs, bugs! So many bugs! We have to do something.

King Zong is scaling the Yercom building as we speak. He must be stopped! But, no matter what we hit him with it seems useless.

- Cool Stuff Shop
- Marty Plumber's Mission

After completing Marty Plumber's Mission:

Based on what you found here… we might actually be able to weaken King Zong enough for a frontal attack.

Quickly, make your way inside and speak with my brother Larry. He will be super helpful.

- Cool Stuff Shop

Before completing the 'The Harder They Fall' mission: membersmall.png

With King Zong weakened, we should be able to defeat him. I imagine it will still take quite a strong team to take him down though.

- Cool Stuff Shop

After completing the 'The Harder They Fall' mission: membersmall.png

You've defeated King Zong, amazing! The only thing missing was to jump barrels… Nevermind, I wonder where that thought came from.

- Cool Stuff Shop

Location: Yercom


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