I'm glad you answered our call. The people of Aquatia have never before needed to rely on help from outsiders. This is a 'special' exception.

A strange device from above fell to the ocean floor. Anytime we send someone to find out what it is, well, they… they return to us 'changed'. Infected is probably a better word. If the infection spreads, I fear the fall of our glorious Aquatian Empire.

Breathing Apparatus
Oh, yes, I almost forgot. You are rather talented at holding your breath… but I have a better idea!

I can craft a unique breathing apparatus for you that should make swimming around on the ocean floor much easier. However, I will need a few components. The rarest ingredient, Titan Stealweave, is stripped from the ocean floors by greedy humans! I believe their gear has "TITANium Threads" printed on it.

Indeed! The device must have something to do with it. Aquatians that come in contact with it become increasingly aggressive and lose their ability to rationalize. They even appear to be poisonous to the touch. It's awful!

If one should attack you, please remember Aquatians under water are resistant to Fire Attacks.

Let's hope we can find a cure.

What kind of Device?
All I really know about this device is that it's nothing like the trash the humans usually dump in our oceans. Trash appears dead or broken, but this device functions under water and appears to be emitting a sound at some odd frequency.

That's really all we know so far. One thing is clear, it must be destroyed!

- Malandra's Missions

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