Luigi Davinci's Missions

Mission Locations:

Missions Begun From: Luigi DaVinci
Note: These missions can only be completed once.

Hey there, you look like a powerful one. I've got a proposition for ya, if ya think you've got what it takes! That nuisance Demolicious has her bothersome little Divas ravaging the park. Take out a few of 'em for me and I might consider letting you join the strongest force in Liberty City.

Items Required:


  • 30 100 Fame
  • 100 Exp
  • 50 Rep: Evil, -50 Rep: Good

Thanks to Hina.

Quest Location: SkullDeep
Quests Begun From: Luigi DaVinci

Note: Also available from Salvager Alpha.

Head to the Franklin Street Apartments and speak with the Salvager Alpha unit.

Items Required:


  • 0 Fame
  • 0 Exp

Thanks to Ashluv.

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