Luigi DaVinci

Listen kid, I'm kinda in the middle of a WAR HERE! If ya' gots somthin' t'say, say it quick.

I've gotta get control of the park and get the Pandorian Malachite for myself, before Demolicious can. With it, I just might be able to finish bringing my brother back to life.

They say the Pandorian Malachite was hidden within the Statue of Pandora when it was constructed. If you plan on heading over there remember this, 'Break my machines, and I'll Break YOU!'

- Luigi DaVinci's Missions

After completing Demolicious' Missions or Luigi DaVinci's Missions:

That's it! She is weakend, her minions are being smashed and the city it's self is supporting ME. Let us end this.


Thanks to Ashluv, E and Hina.

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