Tag Classification Description
scsmall.png SC Item This item is purchased with Smash Coins. Can be stored in bank for free
foundersmall.png Founder Only Item Usable only by Members who upgraded within the first month of HS's general release
membersmall.png Member Only Item Usable only by Members of HeroSmash
raresmall.png Rare Item This item is no longer available
seasonalsmall.png Seasonal Item This item is no longer available, though returns during Events
specialsmall.png Special Offer This item is only available via a special offer
temporarysmall.png Temporary This item will be lost when you log out
icon-armor.png Armor Type Equippable Armor Item
icon-capeback.png Cape & Back Item Type Equippable Cape & Back Item
icon-gloves.png Glove Type Equippable Glove Item
icon-scar.png Facial Marking Type Equippable Facial Marking Item
icon-hair.png Hair Type Equippable Hair Item
icon-head.png Head Type Equippable Head Item
icon-helm.png Helmet Type Equippable Helmet Item
icon-mask.png Mask Type Equippable Mask Item
icon-axe.png Axe Type Equippable Axe Item
icon-gun.png Gun Type Equippable Gun Item
icon-sword.png Sword Type Equippable Sword Item
icon-shield.png Shield Type Equippable Shield Item
icon-item.png Misc. Item Type Unequippable Misc. Item
icon-power.png Skill Type Equippable Power Item
Returns Returning Item Denotes a seasonal returning page on New Releases
Updated Updated Item Denotes updated information on a page on New Releases
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