Interview With The Clock Blocker


«Scene: The Player dials the Clock Blocker's number in the middle of a field»

«Change to a view of the Clock Blocker's spaceship.»

«The Clock Blocker's phone rings and he fumbles for it.»

Voiceover: Ugh, stupid touchscreen. Doesn't work well with claws…

Clock Blocker: Hi, this is Clock Blocker.

Player: Clock Blocker!

Clock Blocker: Yes, speaking. Who is this?

Player: I am your greatest adversary, here to foil your plans!

Clock Blocker: …how did you get this number?

Player: You think you can just come to MY planet with your Time Reaper and rip apart present day time and space?!

Player: You think I'm going to just let you destroy everything in existence so that you can create a new world order for yourself?!?

Clock Blocker: I have seen the future-and it cannot be. The only hope of salvaging the future is by altering present day time and space. It has to be done.

Clock Blocker: My Mechanisms have nearly collected enough Antimatter to fuel the Time Reaper. My dream will soon become everyone's reality…

Player: You threaten present day existence-including my own! You will NOT succeed, Clock Blocker!

Player: No matter how much Antimatter you collect, I will be sure to stop you before you can power that rust bucket Reaper of yours!

Clock Blocker: It is already too late. The Antimatter Mechanism has already been activated in Pleasanton Oaks. It's only a matter of time before the Time Reaper reaches its zenith…

Player: The you have a fight waiting! Your clock is about to be blocked, Clock Blocker!

«The Player ends the call.»

Clock Blocker: day, you will understand…

«Clock Blocker shakes his head as the scene ends.»

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