Info Desk Clerk

If you're looking for the recruiting offices, they are located on the right side of the lobby. Click with your mouse on the right side of the screen of the lobby to get to the Bank and after that keep going right to get to the Recruiting Center. If you get lost ask the employees along the way.

Have you seen any suspicious fellows?

I haven't seen anything suspicious, but someone else in the building may have. You could try asking the employees in the Bank - they're the closest to the lobby.

More Info

May I assist you with something?

Where is the bank?

You can find the bank if you walk right from the main lobby. This is one of the most trusted banks in the city, and keeps the money safe for our citizens.

Where is the recruiting office?

You can get to the Recruiting Office if you keep going right after you pass the Bank. The Recruiting Office is where they hire new personnel for all sorts of jobs. Remember to keep visiting the office because new opportunities are posted regularly.

Where are the elevators and stairs?

The Stairs and Elevators are located to the left of the main lobby area. You can use either the stairs or the elevators to get to other floors of the building.

Where is the exit to the building?

Take the doors down to head back into the city.

After rescuing the hostages:

I've You've taken care of some antroids, but there are still some left. Can you please give me a hand and take care of these monsters?

- Info Desk Clerk's Mission

Location: Corporal


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