The Lion-Hearted Hero
Great timing, hero! Pleasanton is under attack and we could really use your help.

Strange machines called Time Sentinels have seemingly appeared out of nowhere and we are wreaking havoc on the city. Prepare yourself for some Sentinel smashing, hero!

Tell me more
No one knows where the Time Sentinels came from. They just appeared out of the sky not too long ago.

The Sentinels aren't exactly attacking the citizens…yet…but as you can see, it's caused quite a commotion in Pleasanton.

It's strange. The Time Sentinels have their sights set on random objects like park benches and street lamps.

Not exactly villainous, but that's still no excuse for destroying public property. And as a hero, it is your duty to stop them!

- Hydraon's Missions

After completing Hydraon's Missions:

…we may have lost the battle, but we can still win this war! Clock Blocker chose the wrong Heroes to mess with!

There is NO WAY we are going to let him destroy our universe. As Heroes, it is our duty and privilege to protect everyone in this world—and in this universe. But we must make haste if we are to prevent anymore Antimatter Mechanisms from being created… so let's MOVE!

- Pleasanton Shop

Location: Pleasanton

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