Smashdome Champion
Welcome to the Smashdome, where all the greatest come to compete. If you want to run with the best you have to fight like the best. Bring PvP Tokens to me and I'll train you to be the best fighter there is!

You're a Champion?
Indeed, Smashdome Champion is the position given to the previous month's top combatant. As you can see, that's me.
If you wish to be honored with the position of champion, you better get started! The person with the highest score for the month will be chosen.

Super Powers
These powers are much stronger than their previous versions. It requires a great amount of strength and dedication to unlock a powers true potential.

You must achieve a suitable score before I can teach you any Super Powers.

- Smash Coin Super Powers Shop
- Super Powers Shop

Location: SmashDome
Note: NPC art updates as the player changes items.


Thanks to Bhod and Fairgates.

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