H.A.L. Droid

H.A.L. Droid: Holographic Autonimous Logistics Droid

This is a special com center that you will receive at the beginning of the game. This high tech phone system will directly link you to the game. Most new missions, daily missions, and updates will be listed through this device.

General Information

All players are automatically given a H.A.L. Droid when their character is created, and it can be found at any time by clicking the calculator-like symbol in the bottom-right corner of the HeroSmash game screen. The right panel of the H.A.L. Droid features a 12-hour clock that shows your local time (you can click the clock to toggle between showing am/pm or seconds in the right-most section), a battery meter that's always full, and a connection meter that's always at the highest.

Within this panel are links to certain sections of the H.A.L. Droid, that will open up in a much bigger left panel. When you open up your H.A.L. Droid for the first time, you may see only one button, "Mentors," and the Missions screen with all of the missions grayed out except for "A New Smasher is Born!" In order to unlock the full potential of the H.A.L. Droid, you must complete the tutorial missions.


Shows the latest events for Hero Smash.


Shows missions that are available and their progress. (For cutscenes kindly refer to the Cutscene Scripts)

Protect the Truck
Cats In the Cradle
Menacing Destroyers
Test your powers level 1
Test your powers level 2
All Treats, no Tricks raresmall.png
All Tricks for Treats raresmall.png

Sitting Ducks
Chase them up the Trees
Take down your APB's
Prove Your Worth Level 1
Prove Your Worth Level 2


Shows the different areas and lets you access them by clicking on it.


Will serve you as a guide for your adventures, as well as giving you the latest news in game.

Lokos (Evil)
Hottica (Evil)
General Smash (Good)
Electina (Good)
Llussion (Neutral) membersmall.png


The badges for the achievements you have accomplished in game are kept here.

You chose to rescue the girl from Mr. Purple's robot!

Requirements: Choose the good path in Intro to unlock this badge.


Opens a screen with different shops.

AQW Founder
Dark Vengeance
The Ultimate


Shows you the latest promotions for the game.

This section "advertises" currently-running promotions/special offers. These are the promotions that are shown in the Promo section:


More space for storing in game items.

Add Space

Lets you purchase more inventory and bank space with Smash Coins.


Opens the window for redeeming Artix points for Membership or Smash Coins.

When clicking the Redeem button, a dialog box will pop up that will show your current Artix Points, SmashCoins, and expiration date of your VIP Membership, if you have one. Six buttons will also show that will offer immediate in-game redemption of the following upgrades:

  • VIP Membership
    • 3 Month VIP Membership + 1,000 SmashCoins (4,000 Artix Points)
    • 6 Month VIP Membership + 2,000 SmashCoins (7,000 Artix Points)
    • 12 Month VIP Membership + 5,000 SmashCoins (10,000 Artix Points)
    • 5,000 SmashCoins can be added to any of the above upgrades for an additional 1,000 Artix Points.
  • SmashCoins (SC)
    • 5,000 SmashCoins (4,000 Artix Points)
    • 12,000 SmashCoins (8,000 Artix Points)
    • 20,000 SmashCoins (10,000 Artix Points)


The medals for PVP challenges you have accomplished in game are kept here.

  • Soldier of Fortune
  • No Mercy
  • Healer
  • Unstoppable
  • Noob
  • Royale Veteran
  • Charge
  • Rampage
  • Medic
  • MVP
  • Team Veteran
  • Veteran Defender
  • Power King



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