General Fluffles

Salutations, human.

I am surprised to see you outdoors. Denying direct orders from your authority? Now that's disrespectful enough for me to respect.

Care to get into some mischief?

General Fluffles?
Do not let my fluffy appearance and adorableness fool you.

I am General Fluffles, am I am PURE EVIL! Mwahahahahahaa!

You're a Cat!
Yes, I am a cat! But just like you, I too have super powers.

Did you actually think that humans were the only species with super powers? HA! And they call you an "intelligent" species…

Surprised to see no other humans out and about? They are all hiding under their beds from direct orders of their Master.

Something has spooked them. And the human authority has ordered them to stay indoors. Pffffft, what scaredy cats.

- General Fluffles' Missions

After completing General Fluffles' Missions:

There is nothing more I can do for you. And if the Clock Blocker succeeds, then there is nothing else anyone can do for anything.

You had better do something about Clock Blocker's plan—and quick. Or else no one will be around to fear us Villains.

Location: Pleasanton Oaks


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