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  • backweapon - this back item is a weapon on your back (swords, guns, etc)
  • bird - this is a bird, or uses birds as part of it's design
  • winged - this item/monster/NPC has wings incorporated into its design

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Re: Tag Discussion Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 29 Mar 2015 05:27

Added Average, Fairgates, SlyCooperFan1. Not adding anymore people to the 'member' section for now.

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Re: Tribute Wall by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 01 Mar 2015 15:02

Oh, okay! Then wait until next year if that event may be able to get their page and tag corresponding in the wiki.


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I cannot approve the chinesenewyear tag, unfortunately. If you look at the page revisions, items in the New Year shop was released in celebration of the NEW YEAR and not CNY. New year rares won't receive additional tags since they have already been tagged with newyear. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

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Re: Tag Discussion Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 23 Feb 2015 00:18

Guys, guys! During the alpha phase that I was editing, have seen the valuable performance of some regular users who were supporting during the first steps of HEROSmash! Wiki so that will nominate around here:

Depends if you want place them or not, but from my point of view deserve a place in the Tribute Wall.

Atte. Angela

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Re: Tribute Wall by Haileym1 - AngelitaHaileym1 - Angelita, 22 Feb 2015 20:50

Oh, I forgot it existed this thread for these topics *laugh* well, so I will do so here publicly my return to the wiki after several years of absence tomandome a break and live my life with my projects and goals.

So… I'm here again, a new year, a new Angela. :)

I hope forward to your support and continue help to improve the wiki every day for our users to have a precise and updated information.

With love, your always friend Angela. xoxo

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New tags!:

Important note:

  • Since this is a new event for the game, we will have to see how it unfolds over the coming years because as we all know this event varies by day, month and title of the year (corresponding to the Chinese calendar and astrology) depending on the full moon.
  • For example: This year is the "Year of the Sheep '15", if this event is renewed next year his new title will be "Year of the Monkey '16" and the proximate year "Year of the Rooster '17" and so successively is renewed.

If you wish, can find more information on this event in the links that I will place:

- (Chinese astrology)
- Chinese astrology (Wikipedia)

Thanks for reading & Kung Hei Fat Choy! :D

Tag to the slope, depending on the development within the game. Thanks!

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Already as provided in the first post of PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, I made some small changes with regard to the following notes:

  • Previously called *name*.
  • Previously was a/an *membersmall.png or scsmall.png* item.

I thought these changes to have more sterilization the page regarding the notes section, in addition to decreasing the notarized change of a name on an item and the placement of 'was' in some of the notes for better understanding.


  • In summary, the most notable changes in this post is the elimination of asterisks on the first note and the aggregation of small-tags according to their type of membership or SC's on items in the second note.
  • When placing a note of membership, please do not forget to position 'item' because in the same tag is not affixed this word unlike the SC item tag.

No more to inform you, I hope can count on your support in this new additon to the system of notes.

Thanks for reading and enjoy it your day!

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Hey, guys! In this opportunity I am announcing that I have removed the seasonalsmall.png tag from Fair Grounds page because I see very repetitive the tag on the page. To avoid this, place a new format reorganizing the kind of rarity of each (rares and seasonals).

A then also I will say that I'll will back permanently to the wiki to help and contribute every day with you. :-)

No more to say, I leave you pleasantly and hope you have a nice day!

Smash ON!

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Thanks for stopping by, Yeticrab! Great to see you around.

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Re: LoreProtector Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 01 Feb 2015 08:42

Hey, just stopping back in and would like to say thank you to everyone who continues to edit and keep this wiki up and running! :D

Re: LoreProtector Thread by YeticrabYeticrab, 31 Jan 2015 03:58

RE: Title arrangement in item pages

Use the following order (One of the examples can be used in each section).

1) Item Type
(Scar) - also known as Facial Markings

2) Merge / Currency

(Free Player)

3) Rarity

4) Versions - has no limit on how many versions can be used

Most of the time it should only consists of 2 sections used on the title.

RE: Page title for items with a year suffix (e.g. '11, '12, etc)

1) title should follow the original name in the game, including the year suffix

  • Rare Items which have no further increments / no further release the following year.
  • Another non-rare version of the same item is released.

2) title should NOT include the year suffix
a) use the tabs when formatting the page, listing the past year version and the new year version. No seasonal tag to be used. Tag the page as rare when item is gone.

  • "Supposed-to-be" rare item which is released again the following year, but got a new year suffix.
  • Seasonal items not released the following year

b) use the tabs when formatting the page, listing the past year version and the new year version. Tag the page as Seasonal. Place a Rare tag inside the tab for that year when item is gone.

  • Seasonal items with a year suffix.

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Here is a list of items that doesn't have a confirmed level, like the level is in the shop but not in the page, or another situation (noted between brackets, the year of the shop that the item is in is also written), since they are all RARE items, and I am not sure that the information in the shops are 100% correct, the best thing is to check in game.

Here are the items:

—> All of the above are done.

—> All of the above are level 5.


  • Surfboard HeroSmash (Free Player) (in 2011 it is lvl 3 and costs 800 Fame and in 2012 and 2014 it is lvl 1 that costs 500 Fame, need to check if they are different or not)

OLD (2011):

  • Non-member CC version exists in the shop (with pricing - 800 Fame / 200 Sellback).

NEW (2012 onwards):

  • Non-member CC -> change to non-member NON-CC.
  • Those who purchased the OLD non-member CC gets the non-member NON-CC in their inventory due to the change.
  • A new non-member NON-CC version was added to the 2012 shop, together with the member CC version. Both versions are priced at 500 Fame and 125 sellback.
  • What happens to the OLD 2011 shop's item? Change to non-member non-CC version with 500 pricing and 125 sellback.
  • Item page: member version has the note regarding the change. Remove the base level on the non-mem version, and add it to the mem version with a strikethrough (to state that it once requires a level 3 character to equip)
  • In summary, there are 3 items altogether. One old version (that remain in-game that replaces the players who've purchased, which is exactly the same as the NEW nonmemb/non-CC) and two new versions.

The End.
Thank you.

—> All checked. Thanks. Images to be added at a later date. ~Peachii

New Releases is now clocked back to Friday.

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Currently no:
angel, rabbit, gremlin, chaos

Tags rejected / reason
angel > not enough pages to conclude tag addition
gremlin > go ahead if you'd like to create the list, but no tag addition
rabbit > only one NPC (Pytor) with this rabbit theme
chaos > chaos is AQW themed

New tags:

  • aethemed - this item/monster/NPC is themed from AE games (the themed subject must exist in other AE games before it did in HS in order to apply)
  • canine - this is or is part canine, or uses dogs in its design
  • slime - this is, is part, or is related to a Slime, or uses slime as part of its design

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Re: Tag Discussion Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 25 Nov 2014 13:20

Zero: I did not even notice that spacing used - definitely better than without one.

Feel free to apply the changes for the 2 suggestions above. Thanks. :)

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Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 19 Nov 2014 11:57

I noticed that we have different ways on how we add a collapsible especially when adding images, so, I'm suggesting that we follow AQWWiki format (see example below), this will give balanced spacing between the collapsible and images:

This applies to all pages with or consists of a collapsible.

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Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by Zero IXZero IX, 16 Nov 2014 22:42

I like the idea of reducing the Temp. Items and the format you suggested is good.
The new format for the "Items Dropped" is also good, I actually was thinking about a format for that, but yours is all good :D

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by XpointXpoint, 16 Nov 2014 12:14

I know this has been implemented some time and applied to pages but I would like to make a final revision to only monster pages. Item pages applied won't be affected.

First, taking Junker as an example, temporary items will have their mission reduced. Example; from this:

TO this:

If the temp. item dropped in 3 or more different missions it will still use the bulletin list. Next, taking Cave Bandit (2) as an example:

This will be reduced to:

Using the Junker as example again; items dropped will be affected as well. In Trader Town, some monsters drop mission items which can be kept in the inventory and will not disappear after logging out. Because of that, we are listing them under 'Items Dropped' instead of temp items dropped. These items only drop during a particular mission so they will need to be stated as well. Instead of listing them in bulletin which will be too long, they will use the new format as well. Below is just a copy/paste of the example:

Items Dropped:

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Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread by PeachiiAEPeachiiAE, 15 Nov 2014 13:43

The files HERE aren't showing the images, they should be replaced or upload new ones. :)

Oops. Looks like I've uploaded the wrong files. Fixed, thanks. ~Peachii

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