The Barbarian Protector of HeroMart
Welcome to Super City!

When I am not fighting the forces of evil, I love to go fishing! I fish up so much stuff, I have been able to create a store called HeroMart!

Special gear can only be accessed here in-game, if you buy items from HeroMart in the real world (via a promotional code that comes with the purchase).


With purchases from HeroMart, you also get promotional codes that can be redeemed for special in-game gear (see item description at HeroMart to see if it comes with HeroSmash in-game gear).

Click the HM logo to go directly to the HM website. (clicking will not interrupt your game).

Next Promo Code?

Once you redeem your game code, you will be rewarded with a badge in-game. By clicking on the unlocked badge you will open a shop to access the special gear.


You can find the badges via H.A.L. Droid. Once H.A.L. Droid is open click on the BADGES icon to reveal all badges you unlocked (By doing quests, joining events or redeeming a HeroMart promotional code).


Then all you need to do is click on a badge of your choice to show information about the badge as well as the shop button (if there is one).

50,000 Likes! Our Thanks!

As a special thank you to our players for helping us reach over 50,000 Likes on a social network we added this shop!

- 50K Likes Shop

Location: Overlook


Thanks to Peachii.

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