Essence Being

Welcome to Pleasonton in 2511. The Oblivion rule this city and have enslaved the Human race.

They have no problem "taking care" of rebellious humans, so watch your step.

Spend as much time here as you wish—but know that the only way back to your era is by crafting an Antimatter Mechanism of your own.

Antimatter is a tremendously powerful thing, capable of tremendously strange outcomes when it meets its Matter counterpart.
By forging an Antimatter Mechanism in this present time, you can generate enough power to form an Antimatter Entity that will send you back to your present day existence.

The Clock Buster was the first to uncover these Antimatter secrets. This is how they created the Time Reaper—a much bigger, more evolved form of an Antimatter Mechanism.

By finding out how to collect and harness Antimatter, you too can alter space and time… on a much smaller scale, of course.

Creating your own Antimatter Mechanism is your only hope of returning to your present day.

Since the Clock Blocker is from this era, Pleasanton should be the best place to uncover the secrets of how to build an Antimatter Mechanism—if you survive long enough.

Good luck.

- 2511 Merge Shop
- Essence Being's Missions

After completing Essence Being's Missions

You successfully created an Antimatter Mechanism and defeated the Antimatter Entity that formed from it!

You are now able to alter this era's time and space and can freely return to your present state of existence.

Although your time here was short-lived, I am sure Oblivion will not miss you.

- 2511 Merge Shop

Location: Future Pleasanton


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