Enter the Zong


«Scene: Night sky filled with stars.»

Fade in text: In the darkness of space…

«An Oblivion spaceship appears.»

«Scene change»

«Scene: Dashboard with an ape's head and details on it. The details are in gibberish text.»

???: My lord, the test is ready for deployment.

Alien leader: Excellent. The energy source grows stronger every light cycle.

Alien leader: The source should reach its zenith soon.

???: When that happens, we can invade Earth and begin to feed?

Alien leader: Yes, my pet. On the next solar eclipse we shall decend down on them.

???: Your people are hungry now my lord. I don't know how much longer they will wait.

Alien leader: We are all hungry, my pet. Soon.

«Screen fade»

«Scene: Facing two alien beings.»

Alien leader: Release the test! Release King Zong!

Attendant: Yes, my Lord! Long live the Oblivion!

Alien leader: Long live the Oblivion.

«Scene: Night sky again.»

«The spaceship fires a green beam of light.»

«The green beam becomes a comet with King Zong sleeping inside it.»

«The comet lands in North America.»

«King Zong awakens, then roars.»

«Screen fade»

«Scene: The next day.»


«Camera pans to citizens running away from Zong Fleas.»

«Camera pans to player and random Smashers fighting with the fleas.»

Player: What's going on? There are bugs everywhere!

Player: They don't seem to care who they attack. They go after Civillians, Heroes, and Villains.

Player: «Shrugs.» Where did these ugly things come from?

«Sudden loud thump.»

Player: What's that noise?

«Sudden loud thump.»

Player: This doesn't sound good.

«Camera pans to King Zong walking past Super City's apartment buildings.»

Player: That's one big space monkey.

«King Zong roars as helicopters fly by.»

Player: Did I say monkey? Ape. I mean Ape.

Player: Wait… What's that falling off of the giant gorilla?

«King Zong scratches himself, white dots fall off onto the road. They grow into Zong Fleas.»

Player: «Has one hand up to their forehead.» Ew.

Player: «Shrugs.» Well that explains where those bugs, I mean FLEAS come from.

Player: Uh oh, That massive space monster is headed for the Yercom building.

Player: Like it or not, it's up to me.

«Player jumps away. Camera pans to Yercom building.»

Player: Hm… No sign of the giant space beast. Maybe he went back-

«Someone falls on top of the player.»

Man: Thanks for rescuing me from my fall.

Player: Rescue? You fell on my head!

Man: Sorry about that. Those giant space fleas threw me out the top window.

Player: Threw you out a window? What for?

Man: My brother and I are scientist. We work at Yercom.

Man: When these fleas showed up we started working on a weapon that would help.

Man: We had it almost built when a bunch of fleas broke into Yercom.

Man: Then that big monkey climbed up the building and brought more space fleas.

«King Zong roars angrily.»

Player: I think he prefers to be called an ape.

Man: I think I would prefer he were gone.

Man: Look, I'll stay out here and keep an eye out. You go in and find my brother.

Man: Together you can get that weapon, and take down this menace.

Man: You are the only one who can help the people of Super City.

Player: I'll do it. What's your name?

Man: The name is Martin. Martin Plummer.

Martin: My brother is named Larry.

Martin: We're the Plummer Brothers.

Player: Oddly familiar, but let's go with it.

Martin: You will find my brother inside. He's not the bravest of people.

Player: Let's do this!

«Scene end»

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