Enter The Clock Blocker


Somewhere in the time stream…

«An unidentified space ship flies through a vortex and appears above Jupiter.»

«Scene: Inside a spaceship. Something is sitting on a chair surrounded by time sentinels.»
???: We made it, my pets.

???: We have finally made it back to the Milky Way galaxy as it was 500 years ago.

«View changes to show that the spaceship is floating above Jupiter.»

???: Just look at it. It's so beautiful… so peaceful… so intact…

«Scene: Inside the same spaceship.»

???: And this is the only era in existence where we have the opportunity to change the future…

???: …by ripping apart present day time and space!

???: Praise me, for I am…

«The thing in the chair is finally out of shadow.»

???: … the Clock Blocker!

Clock Blocker: With the help of this great vessel - the Time Reaper - I will be able to reorder the universe in all of its entirety, forever altering the future!

Clock Blocker: A new world order is on the horizon, my faithful Time Sentinels.

«Camera switches to show two projections on the space ship's windows.»

Clock Blocker: This is the first era in which The Oblivion released its two tests on the planet Earth - King Zong and the Alien Test Probe.

«Camera switches back to the Clock Blocker.»

Clock Blocker: By collecting the Antimatter formed from these tests, I will be able to fuel the Time Reaper.

Clock Blocker: At full power, the Time Reaper will be capable of ripping apart time and space and reordering it, thus altering the future.

Clock Blocker: After all, what better way to predict the future than by creating it ourselves?

«Scene: Outside the spaceship.»

Clock Blocker: So follow my lead, Time Sentinels! Go forth onto planet Earth and begin harvesting Antimatter for my Antimatter Mechanisms!

«The Time Reaper flies off to the right.»

«Screen fade»

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