End Of War

Location/Replay: H.A.L Droid

«Scene: A choice screen showing Luigi DaVinci and Demolicious about to fight each other is displayed. "Who Do You Fight For?" is shown on the screen.»

«Half of an ice cream truck crashes in Aurora Park.»

«Camera pans to a crowd of Smashers, Demo Divas and DaVinci Killbots fighting.»

Killbot: Victory will be MINE!

«Camera zooms in on Luigi DaVinci.»

Luigi: Indeed NUMBERS! Numbers are the key here as you can see."

«A Demo Diva is flung across the screen, and Luigi looks curiously behind him.»

«Demolicious leaps across the park in a single leap, yelling loudly.»

«She lands in front of four Demo Divas.»

Demolicious: Ok, Davinci, it's time for you to go down. For good this time.

«The Demo Divas explode, surprising Demolicious greatly.»

«Two large Killbot hands grab Demolicious and pull her up roughly. Demolicious scowls when she realizes this.»

«Luigi grins broadly, and his arms are folded in a pensive position.»

Luigi: Ahhh - Demolicious. You see, my intentions were pure, thus I am victorious. But you, my dear. You were the one with false intentions weren't you!

Luigi: You probably never told those hero wannabies your actual intentions did you?

Luigi: How you weren't going to preserve the Pandorian Malachite. How you intended to sell it for your own personal DESIRES!

Demolicious: Shut your mouth, Davinci

Luigi: Ironically, if you just wanted money so badly, I'm sure we could have come to some sort of deal and avoided this whole mess.

«Scene: The fighting between Antares, a single Demo Diva, and many Killbots as well as some other Smashers.»

«Luigi points his hand menacingly and grins nastily. The background has a gray tint.»

Luigi: Then again, it's so much more fun watching you FAIL! MuHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

«Demolicious hangs her head in disgrace.»

Luigi: Get rid of this trash

«Demolicious is flung away by an explosion in the background. She crashes on her head in the foreground, still looking ashamed of herself.»

«Luigi jumps onto the pedestal of Pandora's statue with a grin on his face.»

Luigi: Good work, my fellow followers of foul intent.

«He turns to face the audience, still grinning.»

Luigi: Now, let us reclaim the prize that we all fought so hard for!

«Luigi laughs quietly as the extraction device is activated.»

«The camera pans along the green laser fired from the device until it shows the base of Pandora's statue.»

«The cutscene fades out.»

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