Dr Illinois Johnson

Welcome, my name is Dr. Illinois Johnson and I'm the leading expert on the ancient Ingirun people.

I am trying to unlock the secrets of this ancient race but the promise of treasures unknown has brought tome raiders from around the world!

I must warn you. Our presence here seems to have awaken some ancient evil. I can only assume it will be perilous inside these caves.


Yes, they are an ancient civilization which we believe is the earliest civilization to ever exist.

Many believe that their last civilization was secured under the earth and stretch around the globe with their advanced tunnels and technology.

Who knows maybe the Ingiru had more advanced technology than we have today.

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After Completing First Set of Missions

Ah yes, this is the gateway the scriptures were talking about.

Even more interesting is this statue. It is said that Kalshiva, the Priestess of Destruction was imprisoned inside this statue. A bunch of hocus pocus no doubt but fascinating that a civilization could believe such a fairy tale.

It also states that "if her artifacts were removed an evil overcome the world with a violent rage."

After Completing Second Set of Missions

This is outrageous.

How could it just be a room… let alone DESTROYED! There must be more to this. AND WHY WAS YERGEN'S NAME ON THE WALL!

Where is the rest of the civilization? Yergen is going to have to answer for this.

You have done well, I don't know what else we can do.

Location: Ingiru
Note: This is a parody reference to Indiana Jones.


Thanks to Peachii.

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