Demolicious (NPC)

Listen up, I don't know or care who you are… I'm kinda in the middle of something. If you're another one of those wanna be vigilantes then get to work. We're fighting a war here so stop laying around!

What war? The WAR! Luigi DaVinci is trying to destroy the statue of Pandora. The statue is said to hold some of Pandora's power, protecting us all.

My cyborg Divas will be smashing DaVinci's contraptions right along with you. Between the lot of you, you might be able to keep this town from spiraling into chaos.

What rock did you crawl out from under? Everyone knows that Pandora was the protector of the entire world. When she met the one foe who possesed the power to consume our planet she made the ultimate scrafice.

In doing so, her power burst and spread to all corners of the world. Since then, some people have been… developing unique abilities.

… I seriously don't have time to be your history tutor!

Cyborg Divas?
I don't know where they came from, and I don't care, either! The cyborg Divas showed up one night to help me demolish some robots to smithereens. They've stuck around ever since.

Can you give me a hand?

- After completing Demolicious' Missions:

Let us hope that taking DaVinci's tank was enough to turn the tides of this battle.


Note: Also see Demolicious (Monster).


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