The Bringer of Doom
Look at all the chaos those Time Sentinels have caused. How wonderfully villainous!

I really hope to meet the mastermind behind it all. And just think of all that Fame we can get from Pleasanton's freaked-out citizens wanting our help!

Say it with me, bud: Jackpot!

Tell me more
No one knows where the Time Sentinels came from. They just appeared out of the sky not too long ago.

The Sentinels aren't exactly attacking the citizens…yet…but as you can see, it's made Pleasanton a lot less pleasant.

It's weird. The Time Sentinels have their sights set on random objects like park benches and street lamps. Not my definition of villainy, but whatever, to each their own.

As long as we can profit from the wittle itty bitty scary civilians, then why shouldn't we "help" them out? Exactly! You ready to break some Time Sentinels, bud?

- Darcron's Missions

After you've completed Darcron's Missions:

Just who does this Clock Blocker think he is, huh?! Ripping apart our universe to create a new world order for himself? That's so evilly brilliant — and it's not fair that we didn't think of it first!

Are you ganna just let him take the thunder from you away like that? You better get a move on or else no one's going to take you being a Villain seriously.

- Pleasanton Shop

Location: Pleasanton


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