Leader of B.U.N.N.I.E.S.
A little bunny told me there are some rare artifacts to be found in the ruins of Ingiru.

I have begun working with Illinois Johnson over there but I need an operative to help ensure that these treasures will not "all accounted for," if you understand what I mean.

Let us unlock the Secrets of Ingiru together!

They were weaklings, clearly. That is all I need to know besides what treasures they may have.

If your race becomes extinct there had to be a reason. My assumption is that they invented a technology beyond their control.

I must have that technology!

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After completing the 'Doing it the Hard Way' mission (Charries or Dr. Illinois Johnson):

Leader of B.U.N.N.I.E.S.
Hmm an interesting device but that gateway is not exactly impressive. Illinois has been going off on how 'cool' she thinks that statue is. She is pathetic.

Yet! I cannot ignore her usefulness in this indeavor.

As much as I would prefer to smash through that gate, we must not harm the contents on the other side.

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After completing Charries' Missions or Dr. Illinois Johnson's Missions:

Leader of B.U.N.N.I.E.S.
Most dissapointing…

This means that the "Yergen" fellow, whoever that may be, already has the technology.

It is time to return to SkullDeep. I must begin investigating this new issue.

Since there is no treasure, I see no point in offering you a reward. Pitty, I know.

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